Conquest of Elysium II v2002

January 24th, 2002 by Alkini

Johan Karlsson from Illwinter wrote in with the following announcement regarding Conquest of Elysium II:

Illwinter Game Design has released a new version of their old but still supported fantasy game Conquest of Elysium II.

New features in this release (version 2002) are:

  • New computer player, the archmage
  • Improved switches (use –help to see them)
  • Cost for Druid summoning is displayed properly
  • New Druid ability, Call the counsil of beasts
  • Two new monsters

The full version of CoE can be purchased for $17US.

Conquest of Elysium II demo download:

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    The graphics look aweful, but the depth of the game play behind the graphics is quite rich.

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