Loki Suspends Operations?

January 23rd, 2002 by Crusader

Several readers sent in a link, which I won’t post here as it contains contact phone numbers, that quoted a purported e-mail from Loki Software President Scott Draeker to retailers:

After 3 wonderful years, Loki will be indefinitely suspending operations onJanuary 31.

We understand that many of you have come to rely, at least in part, onreselling Loki products. In order to protect your ongoing business, we aregranting you the first opportunity to purchase our existing inventory.

All orders are subject to the following:

-Effective immediately, Loki will no longer offer end user technicalsupport for any of its products
-All purchases must be paid in full at the time of shipping
-All sales are final
-All shipping costs will be paid by the purchaser

Remember that after January 31 these products will no longer be availableanywhere.

Thank you all for your support and for three great years!

Loki requested Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last summer; if true, this news is a saddening conclusion to the life of Loki Software, the company that did more than any other company to bring quality gaming to the Linux operating system.

Update by Matt: At the time of Loki’s Chapter 11 filing, we composed a retrospective covering the achievements of Loki as well as their contributions to Linux and the free software community. Although that article doesn’t cover the latest releases from Loki, it does give a solid overview of their place in the Linux games scene.

45 Responses to “Loki Suspends Operations?”

  1. treke Says:

    Just want to wish everyone who was getting their paychecks from Loki good luck with whatever they move on to

  2. Judecca Says:

    Best of luck to the current staff and thanks.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was looking forward to a Kohan addon, that is probably one of the best games I have ever played. I only wished I had supported loki earlier.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is really too bad. Good luck to the loki crew in your future endeavours.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    … to all former and current people at Loki. I hope their example will be remembered as a landmark for gaming under Linux. Thanks a lot for the hard work put into the games, ports and tools!

    Best regards…


  6. XWRed1 Says:

    I wonder how many of use are still gonna be realistically gaming in Linux in one year.

  7. theoddone33 Says:

    Where there is a will, there will be Linux games.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    IF someone seizes their assets, we may lose the ability to download patches from the lokigames website. how about someone *linuxgames* *cough* *cough* mirror the files that lokigames currently has for possible future use? just a thought

  9. Maquis196 Says:

    I feel sick,the end to commercial games for Linux? There are still a couple of games i havent got,and from the sounds of it i better get them in quick. The 23rd January is now a day of mourning for all Linux Gamers, However I do wish the best of luck to all the Loki crew! Thanx for everything,now i must begin plans to resurrect the company,please dont take my last statement lightly,I will make sure it happens.who is with me?


  10. Anonymous Says:

    *IF* this is true, it’s a very sad day indeed. I’ve patronized Loki from the beginning, and always loved them as a company. Could be they were ahead of their time. Until I see some real official proof of this news, though, I’ll hold out a glimmer of hope that this isn’t true. If it *is* true, well.. time for me to buy a PS2 for my gaming needs.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Whats going to happen to games like Tribes2 which need patches
    to be played online?

    Thanks to all of loki’s staff (current and noncurrent) and best luck in the future.

  12. mrluisp Says:

    Honestly I feel like I’m gonna cry.

    First thing I thought when I saw this was: Oh shit! this sucks. After a minute, I started thinking about all the things that will arise from this fallout (two things actually).

    First, I’m not gonna see Deus Ex on Linux anytime soon. probably never. Fuck! a year and a half wait. I have the windows cd which has been collecting dust for more than a year since I found out. I stopped a quarter of the way through the game, when I found out it was gonna be released. So much wasted time.=(

    Second, and this is much more relevant. no more support for any games. That means no more support for Tribes 2. That means, what the hell is gonna happen when the upcoming patch is released? I know that Loki has a couple beta patches, but do they have anything resembling the next patch? and will they release it? If not, will whoever’s working on the win32 version support Linux? Highly unlikely. What is the Linux tribes 2 community gonna do when we can’t connect to any servers?

    Another thing I just thought of. This is probably gonna hurt retailers like TuxGames. I mean, most of their stuff is from Loki, right? Anyways, I do wish TuxGames good luck…as well as the staff of LokiGames.

    sigh…what am I gonna do about this sig…

  13. cburke Says:

    I was holding out final judgement, as Chap 11 != shutdown… But now we have this. It’s final, it’s real, it’s unavoidable. Apparently me buying like 10 of their games at once wasn’t enough. I tried, I tried! *sob*

    I’ll miss Loki. I still play the first commercial game for Linux that I bought — HOMM3 — and remember the great support they gave.

    It’s sad when a company that did their job well fails. But it happens. It’s not the end of Linux gaming, it’s the end of one company. They were pioneers, and to that extent at least, they were a success.

  14. aroach Says:

    I’m really going to miss Loki. The only games I regularly play on Linux are Loki ports: SOF and Kohan, or Loki published: Quake III. I guess I’ll have to fall back to nethack or something… I guess I can still look forward to Neverwinter Nights.

    Anyway, I wish all the Loki crew the best of luck in their future endeavors, and thanks for the many hours of entertainment you gave me through your games.

    sniff sniff

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Loki never created an original title. Loki made some verry respectable ports to Linux. All of their work was to cover the lazyness of the development teams that didn’t want to port to Linux. I take my hat off to Loki; they had to work as a full fledged development team and have inspired people that a market for Linux games DOES exist and is growing steadily. By this year, there will effectively be MORE Linux gamers and perhaps only if Loki started porting this year and not three years ago; they would’ve had better titles to port. It is realy difficult to support work you didn’t originally write. The fine people at Loki did just that and did it with style. They couldn’t compete and nobody should apologize for failing in this business. This was a lesson learned the hard way. Well friends, the market is open. Maya 3D is on Linux and the tools of the mass-media market are maturing ever more than when 3 years ago Loki was formed. Our engines have run dry, but given time we can be rebuilt because the absence of Loki is a space for another Linux gaming company to fill its place anew. With a passion, pray that whoever fills that space does so more vigorously than the hardworking folks of Loki. I’ve enjoyed the talking from many ex-Loki employees here on Those of you looking for a job perhaps should create a new company to fill in where Loki left off. And imagine if taxes weren’t so darn high that some companies would be able to turn a profit for themselves… Loki’s inventory, whoever purchases it, will surely own gold now! I hope the companies of the games they ported at least provide their games hybrid for Linux and Windows, but that’s wishful thinking and too many people are as kind as Microsoft(lmao, IHYMF’s !)

  16. Storme Says:

    I just bought RailRoad Tycoon II – Gold for Linux at Best Buy last weekend, and now Loki is closing down? That really… really… sucks! Their effort to bring ported games to Linux is truly appreciated. I wished there was more support for Linux games everywhere….

    Good luck to the folks over at Loki for their future endeavors…


  17. StarTux Says:

    Lets hope they can carry the torch and survive. Loki has fallen and Tribsoft is on ice…How sad.


  18. Anonymous Says:

    January 31 will be a sad day to Linux community. Let us hope someone else takes the job Loki is now giving up.

    This is sad

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy Kohan? Tuxgames seems out of stock of it and its over 50$ USD (with shipping). Being the poor college student that I am is there any place a little cheaper? But if all else fails will tuxgames be buying some of the copies of it?

  20. byte_bandit Says:

    I was thinking about loki last night when I was on my way home (-20 degrees outside), and I was thinking that they have been very quiet and that I have to buy Soldiers of fortune now that I have planed for so long!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks and goodbye Loki! Your work hitherto has been excellent, and you basically created GNU/Linux gaming.
    Best of luck to all of the company’s employees.

  22. tspinillo Says:

    First no heat in the house, and now this. :( . It is not the end, many Windows-only game publishers have been going down the crapper also. As stated before it’s an expensive hit or miss business. One door must close for another to open.

  23. cthulu Says:

    I can`t beleave this. 3 years. Damn. Sometimes i think maybe the linux comunity wasnt enough behind them. There is a stigma about pay-for software in linux … since the OS is free .. everyone wants everything for free. Makes me said. I think i`ll get the beta copy of CTP i got from loki framed.

  24. msimms Says:

    Please, whilst Loki’s passing is bad news, it is not the end of the road for Linux games.
    Check out the following, they ALL make games for Linux

    All of them are actively supporting linux or making linux games. We’ve lost one. We’ve lost a big one, so lets try and keep the rest alive by actually supporting them in the only way that counts in the real world. Buying their products. But it through Tux Games, buy it elsewhere, I dont mind, as long as people buy them!

  25. Starbuck Zero Says:

    Well I want to, hell I could tell you that much. Why? Because I put up with the long waits and the download the binaries and shit like all because I wanted a choice when I turn on my x86 PC. I wouldn’t mind walking into a story and buying a Linux game but it’s not like that now. If it’s anything I want right now is for Linux to become a real altivate to Windows. I even stopped duel booting a 1 1/2 ago all because of I wanted to wait and not even give in to buying Win32 games.

    So why haven’t remove Linux and put back on Windows? 1) I’m sorry but I don’t want to be watch over by MS, because they are known for dirty tricks. Being in the tech world and hearing the stories that I head about them makes anyone think twice. 2) MS is to a point where the could do easily force upgrades and start making people rent there OS. So I figure I must be ready for that to happen. 3) I feel that I have more control over my system with Linux. I like being about to telnet into my PC just to finish setting up my joystick. I’ve been using Linux for 2 1/2 years and I still found stuff I haven’t learned. Hell there is stuff out there that I want to try that I didn’t get around to.

    So whom do we get mad at? The porting houses like Loki? The gaming companies like id Software, Blizzard and Value? What about Microsoft? No! All we can do is blame our selves for something like this. We have open up people! I mean let’s start with the easier install of programs and better the update managers on our systems. Soon as the new KDE or GNOME is out I would press a button and update or just download the install from the web not wait for the next Redhat 7.3, Mandrake 8.2 or SuSe 7.4 release. Let’s better document for new users as in now just KDE or GNOME but the programs that come with them or users download. Come let’s take time out to help newbies on IRC, newsgroups and message boards. I drop by just to help people sometimes myself. Without the people of tomorrow we are nothing, just remember that. All I can do is help people out on message borads, because I don’t know any C/C++ and that I would like to take classes first before I start jumping on open source prjects.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Well, as this looks to be legit…and I’m very sad that it is…it would be a good idea to mirror those patches in a few places.

    The Loki web site is getting hammered already.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    The other day I was in my local bestbuy, and noticed copies of quake 3 and railroad tycoon. This is the first time I have
    ever seen a loki game on a local store shelf. I just figured they were trying to unload some merchandise and then today this

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I am not to blame because I bought EVERY loki game they sold. Yes even the ones I think suck (RR tycoon is boring, but that isnt lok’s fault) how many of you bought them? Hell buy 3-4 games a year. Most of the linux games are whiners bitching that “why should I buy it from loki? I have it under windows they should GIVE me the binaries for free.” well you know what they cant and wont. in fact I told 3 of those ankle biters at the last LUG meeting that they ca go away after asking me to burn them copies of mind rover and rune.

    If you dont have at least 3 loki games on your shelf… you are to blame.

  29. Alkini Says:

    “The Linux versions simply bombed, with the Amiga versions outselling them by a good margin. The *AMIGA* versions!”

  30. Anonymous Says:

    The people who worked for Loki will surely move on to other things. In doing so they take their love of Linux with them. I’m sure that they’ll fight for Linux ports of whatever projects they are working on (c’mon Sam! You should be pushing Blizzard for some Linux stuff). And Loki did do a lot more for the community than just selling their own games. They proved that there was a population of Linux users out there who were interested in playing games. That has had a big impact on people in other companies that were studying the feasibility of a Linux port of their latest work (official or not).

    Loki was a great company but there will be others to take up the torch and hopefully they will learn from the wrong turns taken by Loki.

  31. LampEft Says:

    Anyone know if we can still order direct from Loki? It’s a bit unclear to me, given that e-mail from Scott, and their news server appears to be either offline or hammered so hard that I can’t access it to post a question.

    I hope Loki posts some sort of official news release at their web site.

  32. nut Says:

    this is a fucked up day for the whole community, if loki really closes we are thrown back for many years.

  33. shamu247 Says:

    When LGP came out I was a little skeptical and I had no interest in Creatures.

    But this majesty game looks really cool. I want to play… plz take my money soon and blossom into a nice game company. Dont worry about releasing the latest stuff.. Find good games with REPLAYABILITY… network play is important. I have replayed the multiplayer test level of RTWC like 3000 times now. If you release some new “CRAP” and pay a fortune for the rights because its new… it will still be just crap.

    PORT: Halflife properly
    , duke nukem 3d i could play for a few more years if it ran on linux :)
    duke nukem forever…

    3d shootems are always replayable :)
    majesty has my money… PORT IT SO I CAN BUY IT FROM TUXGAMES.

    luv to loki and lgp and the others.

  34. shamu247 Says:

    When LGP came out I was a little skeptical and I had no interest in Creatures.

    But this majesty game looks really cool. I want to play… plz take my money soon and blossom into a nice game company. Dont worry about releasing the latest stuff.. Find good games with REPLAYABILITY… network play is important. I have replayed the multiplayer test level of RTWC like 3000 times now. If you release some new “CRAP” and pay a fortune for the rights because its new… it will still be just crap.

    PORT: Halflife properly
    , duke nukem 3d i could play for a few more years if it ran on linux :)
    duke nukem forever…

    3d shootems are always replayable :)
    majesty has my money… PORT IT SO I CAN BUY IT FROM TUXGAMES.

    luv to loki and lgp and the others.

  35. byte_bandit Says:

    will the sales from now until 31 jan help Loki?

  36. ultimus Says:

    Loki had a great part in my total switching to Linux. I always loved games and seeing some intriguing titles (Rune P.E.) for Linux helped me to say “Goodbye” to my Crap98 partition with little sorrow. Today, I was so sorry, than I even liked to work =(
    Good luck, guys, and tanks again…

  37. Tcide Says:

    WELL, we have lost a very valuble asset as Linux gamers.. BUT, even though we have lost a MAJOR battle by losing LOKI, we havent lost the war.. yes,I said WAR!! What are we fighting for by sticking devoutly to Linux as our gaming platform? FREEDOM! the freedom to have a choice as a PC user.. I am a gamer starting from 1990, I will always be a gamer, and now that I dont have to use M$ products, I wont.. I own Loki ports of UT, Q3, DescentIII, Soldier Of Fortune, and Rune, and All of these games run faster and more reliably under Redhat6.2 (4.2.17 kernel – Nvidia 1.0-2314)on my system than under Win2k pro.. (especially UT) GAWD!!
    Anyway, support all active Linux companies with your input, and money, and lets keep Tux gaming… ;-)

  38. mrluisp Says:

    I’m confused about something.

    Loki’s ported all these games (and published others). Now, once their inventory is gone, new Linux gamers can’t get any of the old games? I know that Quake 3 is still available because of id.

    What is Loki gonna do with their master CDs (or isos, or however they store the copy of the disc). In essence they own it, or a license to it, right? or maybe the original companies own it? Can someone actually purchase these licenses so that they can keep manufacturing these games, if there’s a demand.

    I was first thinking of tuxgames, but they’re more of a retailer. Can’t someone like LGP purchase them, and keep making copies of these games to generate some revenue. I mean I still see new users to Tribes 2 once in a while. They could just sell them without offering support.

    Also, I wish someone at Loki would leak a copy of Deus Ex.

  39. vardamir Says:

    As everyone has said, this is bad news. However, don’t think that Scott and others may not start up a new, original gaming company. They’ve learned a lot about games while at Loki. It seems the best strategy a company wanting to make Linux games, but not Windows games, would be to make them available for a game console, such as the Game Cube, and possibly Mac OS X as well. Of course, not all titles may be suitable for a console, but some probably would be. This way, if the game is good, you will have plenty of revenue coming in from the console sales even if linux doesn’t pick up quickly. But if someone wants to use it on the PC/Mac, they’d either have to use Linux/x86, MacOS X, or Linux/PPC. You can’t lose there.

  40. subnet_rx Says:

    Great job Loki. I think the game development company is a great idea, and of course, you’ll get plenty of sales from me.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Granted this is sad, but this collective public outpouring of grief is beginning to wear really thin. If *half* of the Linux users that are upset about the demise of Loki actually purchased Loki games, then we wouldn’t have this situation.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I had a question really. How long do you expect to carry loki’s games before they run out of stock?
    I had a little money saved, so decided to head on to tuxgames and order some loki titles (I have none, being fairly new to linux). But then I though this was the kneejerk reaction. What I am gonna do instead, is buy some games from companies that STILL need my support, those still struggling.
    Problem is, that I really don’t want to have to go to ebay to get loki games when I do get around to wanting them.

    So, do you expect to keep loki stock for a long time still, or are you in the warehouse-burning phase already?



  43. Anonymous Says:

    Sunspire plans on shipping early Feb. and are taking pre-orders (~$25usd) right now. Price goes to ~$30usd after it ships (and yeah, will likely go down in about 9 months following the normal price curve).

    If you really want games for Linux, this one is a place even you dual-booters can vote with your wallet.

    As a little eye candy to hold everyone over, they posted some high-res. wallpaper in the download section reciently;

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