GtkRadiant for RTCW Soon

January 22nd, 2002 by Crusader, the home ofthe cross-platform Q3A engine level editor GtkRadiant, was updatedthis past Sunday with an ETA for the RTCW game pack which will allow GtkRadiant to create levels forReturn to Castle Wolfenstein:

We are going to delay the release of the Wolf game pack to early next week. There is a number of things left to be done, among themproviding some documentation and doing more testing .. stay tuned ..

2 Responses to “GtkRadiant for RTCW Soon”

  1. The_Dougster Says:

    Man, if Q3F could be trivially ported to RtCW it would really be a contender against TF2 vaporware. How much different are RtCW pak files from those used by the currently Q3 based Q3F mod?

  2. friedmud Says:

    What about building levels for Medal of honor allied assault? For that matter where the hell is the linux support for this Q3 engine game? They don’t even have any linux dedicated servers which means my game server can’t run it.

    It is a Quake3 game right? Should be trivial to port right?



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