Retail Linux RTCW at Tux Games

January 21st, 2002 by Crusader

The online Linux game retailer Tux Games fired in the following:

Tux Games has completed its installer for Return to CastleWolfenstein and we are starting to ship all of the preorderstoday.

This is the Win32 retail box bundled with a Linux installer CD.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’d be very interested to know how the installer works.

  2. shamu247 Says:

    considering his business relies on us makeing the actual purchases :)…

    On the other hand.

    Im sure hes done a good job and I will support him either way because i think his name is realyy 31337 :).

    and… tuxgames is cool

    buy rtwc so i can call an airstrike on you all :).

  3. theoddone33 Says:

    How did a game that does not exist (Half-Life 2) end up the fourth most requested game on TuxGames’s petition page? Half-Life fans have been (mis?)characterized as adolescents and warez-kiddies, but I didn’t think they were the type to indicate that they’d shell out $45 for a game that exists only as a twinkle in Blue’s news’s collective eye.

    Besides… how can you *possibly* make a sequel from Half-Life’s ending?

  4. XWRed1 Says:

    I wonder how the tuxgames people would feel about putting this installer up for download, and maybe revealing the source? I feel dirty for asking because I got RTCW from somewhere else (sorry msimms!), but it’d be interesting to look at and maybe use.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Good game!

  6. The_Dougster Says:

    And the demo works on my system. Looks like I better shelve my wine Fallout2 game and get ready for some kickbutt ID fun!

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