No Anarchy Online Port

January 12th, 2002 by Alkini

As Funcom has previously stated, the decision to make a Linux Anarchy Online client was to be “reevaluated after the release of the Windows clients.” Well, the reevaluation has been completed and the port has been (unsurprisingly) axed. In their official announcement they state the reason to be “not enough users to support the addition.”

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  1. crweb Says:

    If they’ed port it to linux they’d for sure get more users! Linux users don’t have a MMPOG to play! Windows users have UO, Everquest, etc.. I beta tested Anarchy Online, and I would deff get it if it came out for linux.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I bought this due to the possiblity of a linux port. Stupid me… I even played for a while in Windows, quietly waiting for a Linux port.

    Now my boxes are viru^H^H^H^H^Hwindows free, looks like I won’t be reactivating my account… :>


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Where did they get the info there was not enough users?
    I smell a rat.
    As a side note, I have been noticing that RedHat7.2, and Suse
    have been selling pretty well at my local BestBuy.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    we dont need lam0rs who contrary to a way that firms like ID go deny a need for linux support.

  5. Logy Says:

    With the disasterous lanch AO had, I think it’s a miracle Funcom is still in business, let alone porting to Linux.

    Alas, I guess I won’t be able to use my favorite OS to play “fall into a crack in the earth and pray for death” now.

  6. LampEft Says:

    So, this is a tragedy in some way?? Given this game’s history, I wouldn’t count this news as any great loss, and it may even be a benefit. I’m shedding no tears over this announcement, either.

  7. Thoreau Says:

    Here is the thing. I’m an average guy. IT dude in a small town; slowly but surely seeing more and more corporate and desktop systems switch to linux for some strange reason. People seem to feel that they are about to get massively @ssr@ped by MS with XP- corporate and user-side. CIO’s are getting the drift that they’re going to have to either change jobs when .NET goes online, or find a open source out. Good for them.. reality strikes.

    The regular guys I know that use windows don’t buy their games. They pirate it. All of it. They aren’t bright enough to use linux, but are bright enough to type “rtcw” in Morpheus. So, they do their thing. Play their 0-day games. Now, here is how the other half of my friends live..

    They run linux on everything they can run it on. The have it at home, have a box at work, dabble a bit with gaming(3 days without sleep dabbling). The difference is that these guys buy their games. They don’t feel screwed over because they’re stuck with windows, thinking that they’re owed what comes out on it. They own their box, they own their OS, and they own their game. I buy the linux games I like, and if I really like them, I buy another copy. I know the effort that goes into good code. And I reward the group that pulls it off. That’s the way the other half lives in this part of the world.

    As for Anarchy Online.. I don’t know them, they don’t have a linux client- so what can I and the other half do? Nothing. I dont’ know if their game sucks. If it does, then it doesn’t matter what client it’s got. If it’s good, then I’m at a loss. As long as good games like Q3, UT, and the like have clients(all fps games seem to have a server version- halfass bitches) for linux- the other half will pay you.

    Here are my numbers:
    Windows games I bought: 2(RA2, HLCS)
    Linux games I bought: 6(Q3X2, UT, Rune, SoF, HG2)

    There is more money to be made on Windows games. This is true for now. But, not from me.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Most of the posts about AO for Windows talk about the problems with it. Strange that I didn’t see those comments here before when AO was being considered for a port.

    Is that because folks wanted to encourage any ports or because they’re irked that AO isn’t being ported? Not trolling, just curious.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    check this:
    and especially:
    I’ve seen in-game screenshots, it’s beautifull.

  10. Hohlraum Says:

    Sometimes I think these companies talk linux support just to get it advertised on a handful of popular geeks sites. Think about it for a second, it makes perfect sense, advertising is advertising.

  11. byte_bandit Says:

    Not that I have played the game or have something to say about it. In a time like this I guess we should be happy for every commersial game we get for linux. That’s the only way to convert the hardcore gamers.

  12. bobcat Says:

    Not enough users? Hmmm. My first game I bought was Starcross, followed by Galactic Empires and Zork. Galactic Empires came in a zip lock baggie (from Broderbund), Starcross was in a Flying Saucer and I forget what Zork came in. Anyways, that was 1983. (Apple II of course).

    Behind me as I type, is a tower of CD’s 4 feet high. There has to be 180 or so games in there, plus however many are in the computer hutch in front of me (another 150?). My garage is filled with the boxes they came in. My point is, that I BOUGHT all these games. I’ve been buying (and playing) computer games for almost 20 years, and I have no intention of stopping now.

    I’ve been through: Apples, Mac’s, Dos, Windows, and now I run Linux. So far I only purchased about 14 Linux games, but I fully expect that number to surpass the number of Dos/Windows games I’ve bought. I run Linux, my 3 kids run Linux, all my freinds run Linux. We all buy games, but we won’t be buying AO. Their loss.

    I bought my Nvidia card because they put out Linux drivers. I pulled out my Radeon card (when I switched to Linux), because they don’t. When I built 3 computers for the kidz for x-mas, they got Nvidia cards.

    Is there a trend here? My freinds all have Nvidia cards too. Again because of Linux support. So the attitude or the idea that there is no money in Linux is bull. The ONLY thing I spend money on is Linux.

    Current things I am shopping for are a Web Cam, a Digital Camera and a new scanner. I won’t buy unless I know they run in Linux. (Open for suggestions here)

    There is one thing that gamers don’t want to do. That is: play a game they played on Windows last year, and pay full retail to do it. That ain’t gonna work. What companies need to do is follow the example of Terminus, Never Winter Nights, and Quake 3. Come out simutainiously or exclusively for Linux, and they will get Linux sales. Quake 3 sold badly because it came out before Linux was ready for gamers (had to compile your own 3D drivers etc…) and because….. Well It sucked. Unreal Tourney is a much better game and has a free Linux client. It could be said that the reason UT far outsold Quake 3 was BECAUSE of Linux. Not that Q3 didn’t sell as well as UT for Windows……. but (probably) because Linux sales were added to the Windows tally.

    So phooie on Funcom. No money from me. There’s still lots of other places for me to spend my money. I still need Rune, Uplink, NWN, Renegade and so on. *sigh* another $100. :-)

    One last note:
    I went to a LAN party in December, and people were coming up to me when they saw I was running Linux. They were telling me they run Linux too, and can’t wait to get RTCW, Deus Ex or whatever. These were strangers. Random sampling. Out of 25 attendees, I know at least 5 at had Linux on their machines.
    Give them games, first run games, and they will buy them.

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