RTCW MP 1.1 and Demo

December 28th, 2001 by Crusader

id Software has released version 1.1 of the LinuxReturn to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer binaries.Changes:

  • preparation for SP landing: MP uses .mp. in the .so names
  • fixed process hanging if launched with ttycon but non-interactive (typical situation: xqf&)
  • the binary opens URLs through the script, which you can customize according to your own browser settings. Default will spawn netscape, you can override per-user with a ~/.wolf/
  • includes mp_trenchtoast, the recently released official extra map

In addition, id has released the final multiplayer demo for Linux, which can be downloaded with the mediapakfiles or without (in case you already have the Win32 demo installed on another partition).

RTCW MP 1.1 Download:
3D Downloads (mirror)

id Software FTP

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  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m kind of confused by this. Do i require extra stuff to run this demo? I downloaded the it (68 megs’ish) and when I run it I get a screen full of ‘tar’ messages complaining about missing files and directories.

    What else do I need?

  3. NeonMango Says:

  4. shamu247 Says:

    Im just waiting for full linux release then i will buy it for sure.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The full MP wont work on any level but the beach. The demo
    tests worked fine. On the other boards the limbo menu is totally grey and the mouse is hidden. I can hit esc and move around as spectator but can’t do anything else. This is on a dual Celeron 500 with 256MB of ram and a Voodoo3 on RH 7.2. Any ideas?

  6. More Help Says:

    More Help

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