What’s Up With Neverwinter Nights

December 26th, 2001 by Crusader

As you may or may not know (as I haven’t been on the ball with news lately),BioWare terminated theNeverwinter Nights contract with their former publisher,Interplay, as BioWare is currently suing Interplay for failure to pay royalties andbreach of contract. Gamespy’s Mark Asherinterviewed Anthony Valterra ofWizards of the Coast about the situation. Valterra indicates that without the D&D license,BioWare would either have to negotiate a contract with Infogrames or open source NWN as a genericD20 game under theOpen Gaming License (which isn’t likely to happen).

Gamespot’s Desslock has posted aneditorial on the quagmire, which enumerates what BioWare’svarious options seem to be.

Neverwinter Nights is a multiplayer (not massive) Dungeons and Dragons game that was intended to be released (and hopefullystill will) for Linux and the other usual platforms.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hope BioWare gets in gear and gets back in bed with Interplay – thinking that NWN would sell half as well without the D&D license is naive. I certainly wouldn’t buy it without that.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Content that is not Game Rules or material that uses Game Rules that is aggregated with such content need not be subject to the terms of this License.
    Is art work and storyline covered by this?

  3. Mongoose Says:

    NEVERwinter nights

  4. Talthanar Says:

    Bio still has a few months before they *need* to find a publisher. Currently they’re working on the DM tools, they should be fininshed in a month or so. After that some beta testing and release. Bio has a few other option ATM and Desslock is just a speculator trying to add FUD to the best of his ability.

    I hold faith in Bioware and their capabilties since there are other options for publishers.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Rework the game and sell it under another title! It was done with Fallout after the developers were screwed out of the GURPS license. NWN will sell well no matter what name they sell it under. Contrary to popular belief the D&D license don’t mean squat in computer games. Look at Pool of Radiance 2, a steaming pile of poo.

    If BioWare approaches Infogrames then great (Infogrames would be stupid to turn down this title), but if they can’t work a deal then sell the game under a different system with a new title. It’ll sell just as well.

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