Quake 2 3.21 Real Soon Now

December 26th, 2001 by Crusader

Thanks to Matt for letting us know thatid Software’s John Carmackposted toSlashdot about the recent Quake 2 sourcerelease:

Thanks for the kind comments, it helps me brace a bit for some of the really vile hate mail that is already starting to come in from the people worried about cheating.

Bill Heineman is preparing the mac source code for Q2 for a release.

We will see about getting the 3.21 changes we missed into an updated release.

I am also happy to say that another old game’s code will be released under the GPL soon. We can always hope that it becomes a trend…

id’s Robert Duffy also posted about the updated 3.21 source in the same thread:

3.21 Will be out soon, Timothee located it and repacked the zip. Should be up soon.

4 Responses to “Quake 2 3.21 Real Soon Now”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love it. Maybe it’ll be one of the old DOS games?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just respond with the hatemail with my ass. And I mean with “My Ass”; the words of a freedom fighting man! Tell’em if they don’t like the work to fix the cheats that will begin in GPL Quake2, then go and enjoy the cheating in the non-GPL Half-Life, Diablo 1, and Parker Bros.’s Monopoly!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Completely off topic.
    But I have tried to search the net thin after a quake gl version. I thought after the game has been gpl’ed it should be no problem.
    But I haven’t been able to find anything that wasn’t avaible (and sucky) before the source-code release.
    Anyone got a good link, so I can play quake1 with my nvidia card?


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Do these hate mailers not realize that there have been auto-aiming proxy bots available for Quake2 for years? I’m afraid the cat has been out of the bag, adopted by a good home, and become mother to dozens of kittens on that one.

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