Relnev’s Quake 2

December 24th, 2001 by Crusader

The fastest programmer on Earth, relnev, let us know that he’s released version 0.0.5 of hisQuake 2 sourceport ( Changes:

  • Updates to Linux Makefile (it was missing a few files).
  • Added (Software SDL Renderer).
  • Added (SDL OpenGL Renderer).
  • Fixed the texture wrapping with movies.
  • Enabled the OpenGL extensions under Linux.
  • Added support for GL_ARB_multitexture.
  • Mouse Wheel (SDL buttons 4 and 5).
  • Fixed bug with changing the sound options in game (using the menus).
  • Fixed Makefile to build both build_debug and build_release by default.
  • Better SDL de/initialization (fixes crashes for some people).
  • Removed trailing ‘r’s from files; removed a few files.

Relnev’s Quake 2 Source:

10 Responses to “Relnev’s Quake 2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    compiled flawlessly ;)
    merry xmas

  2. Anonymous Says:

    [br]SDL makes it happen.[br][br](especially for cross platform support; outside of snotty x86 code)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is it possible to use the extra buttons on the mouse in SDL games? I have a logitech dual optical, and I can’t seem to get anything to map to the extra thumb button. (It maps the same as if I clicked the wheel)

  4. byte_bandit Says:

    that was fast I agree =)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, used to have a pub/idstuff directory under which zillions of quake2 levels lived. Now there’s nothing there …. somewhere out there is an ftp archive stuffed with single player quake2 levels … anybody have any idea where it might be?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not at home and cant compile this.

    Does the SDL client look as good as the q2hack?


  7. vardamir Says:

    This may be related to the up until recently fixed Quake 3 problem:

    [brandon@localhost debugi386]$ ./quake2
    couldn’t exec default.cfg
    couldn’t exec config.cfg
    Console initialized.

    ——- sound initialization ——-
    sound sampling rate: 11025
    Segmentation fault
    [brandon@localhost debugi386]$

    Darn …

  8. Dweebs Says:

    No more q2hack? Hmm, I’ll still need it for a while I guess!
    After compiling default Makefile (compiled without errors btw) and copying the appropriate files (and deleting ~/.q2/), I get an ugly software Quake 2 without probs. BUT, when I try to enable OpenGL I get the following errors:

    setting mode 4: 800 600
    1992k surface cache
    ——- Loading ——-
    ref_gl version: GL 0.01
    setting mode 3: 640 480
    GL_VENDOR: (null)
    GL_RENDERER: (null)
    GL_VERSION: (null)
    GL_EXTENSIONS: (null)
    Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  9. Lovechild Says:

    Yesterday Q2 was ported to Pocket PC :) now that guy is FAST !


    go go gadget make install !

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I downloaded the Q2test and the full updates, and it seems to work fine, except I only have access to 3 maps. The graphics are a little jerky in SDLGL, but okay. This is on a P3-800 with an Nvidia GeForce2MX200 under Mandrake 8.1.

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