QStat and RtCW

December 17th, 2001 by Alkini

The QStat site posted a quick note yesterday to let everyone know that QStat does, in fact, work with Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Usage is the same as it is with Q3A:

  • To query a server: qstat -q3s
  • To query the test1 master: qstat -q3m,55
  • To query the test2 master: qstat -q3m,56
  • To query the retail master: qstat -q3m,57

3 Responses to “QStat and RtCW”

  1. Limbomaniac Says:

    OK, Qstats, very nice.

    But when will we get the single player for RTCW, I like to butch Himmler in Linux……

  2. shamu247 Says:

    Im waiting for single player too…; then i will buy it..
    I cant afford windows + wolf since i have been opressed for so long by my government

  3. PJ_Hooker Says:

    I too will not purchase this until we have the Linux version. I’ll be buying my copy from tuxgames.

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