New Polls and Status update from Transgaming

December 17th, 2001 by Alkini

The Transgaming site posted two updates today. The first is a note that the new polls are up and that they willclose as of the first of the year. They have made some decisions on how to handle past month’s voting results and when previous poll items will beallowed back in to the polls (they will not be included in two consecutivepolls).

The second update is a status update that covers what the developmentteam has been up to (DirectX 8 support) and what their plans are for the week (new WineX with NVidia driver fixes and automated CD-ROM mountpoint/devicedetection).

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Whee, more TransGaming stuff. See this past week’s Kernel Cousin WINE — — for an interesting comment from Alexandre Julliard on what the double-fork (one private for stuff like SafeDisc, one public but unmergable for InstallShield and DirectX, and the base codebase) that TransGaming has thrust upon that long-standing project.

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