Tungsten Graphics?

December 16th, 2001 by michael

A little bird gave me the URL of Tungsten Graphics, a company that seems to be made up of most of the ex-Precision Insight/VA Linux 3D driver development team. Their technical staff inclues Brian Paul (creator of Mesa) and Keith Whitwell, along with Jens Owen and David Dawes (lead founder of XFree86). Frank LaMonica, former Precision Insight founder, is listed as CEO and Founder. has sent Mr. LaMonica an inquiry, and will post any reply.

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  1. mallan123 Says:

    [i]Tungsten Graphics (TG) has already begun to establish itself as a premier consulting organization by entering into an LOA with Red Hat Inc. to spearhead the development of a high end graphics solution for one of Red Hat’s major consulting business clients.[/i]

    What’s an LOA?

    Has anyone else noticed that these guys have an obsession with two-letter acronyms (first PI, then VA, now TG)? ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Why do I remember seeing him with a big and bushy beard and now he looks like a clean-shaven deskmonkey? I remembr seeing him at an awards ceremony, of’course, accepting an award for his work on DRI; he had that beard then. What I am realy trying to puzzle together is that we don’t shave our beards until our work is done…

    Does this mean his work on DRI is complete or abandoned? He must have shaved his beard for a reason… I doubt it was to please his woman, but I just don’t know…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This page looks nearly exactly the same as the PI page. This is a good thing – I think that PI was likely doing pretty well for itself, and then VA bought it out, and then VA decided that Sourceforge was its One True Way. Of course these guys wanted to continue their successful business, so they re-incorporated.

    I wish them all the best: here’s hoping that everything will work out well.

  4. byte_bandit Says:

    Im so glad to hear that! .

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