Mesa Adds Vertex Program Extension

December 14th, 2001 by michael

Brian Paul, all around swell guy and Mesa project administrator, announced to the Mesa3D-dev list that NVIDIA has given him permission to produce a software-only implementation of the NVIDIA GL_NV_vertex_program extension.

The work has been in-progress for the last couple of months and is now able to execute simple vertex programs. NVIDIA licensed the right with a fairly informal “we are not liable, it must be correct, it must be executed in software” agreement. Brian mentioned in a later message that a later extension may allow hardware implementations.

4 Responses to “Mesa Adds Vertex Program Extension”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cool. I imagine this must be extremely hard to do in software, some type of emulator maybe? All I can say is wow, if he can do it.

  2. MacSlow Says:

    A nice move by nVIDIA to allow Brian Paul to add this to Mesa . From the Mesa-side of things I regard that as a “gee, another beast-project that just keeps going and going and…”

    Just my 2-eurocents…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Not only vendor extensions may not work on common OpenGL applications, OpenGL 2.0 proposal already includes a vertex shader language. Brian Paul should at least wait for actual OpenGL 2.0 drafts first.

  4. theoddone33 Says:

    What does this really mean? Someone who is familiar with NVidia extensions please tell me how having one in software Mesa is even desirable.

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