FCE Ultra 0.73

December 12th, 2001 by Alkini

Version 0.73 of the portable NES/Famicom emulator FCE Ultra has been released; changes include:

  • fixed several bugs with sprite emulation
  • added support for iNES mapper 82
  • added support for iNES mapper 250
  • fixed the documentation to show that iNES mappers 48, 83, and 232 are supported
  • removed various pieces of stale code and fixed a few minor bugs
  • fixed a triangle wave channel bug
  • writing to $4010 with the upper bit clear now acknowledges the DPCM IRQ
  • rewrote pieces of the Zapper emulation code to be cleaner and more accurate
  • rewrote the VS Unisystem dip switch drawing code
  • simplified the setting of VS Unisystem dip switches

FCE Ultra 0.73 source: fceu073linux.tar.gz

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