Linux Q3 1.17 SDK Mirror

December 11th, 2001 by Crusader

We received an e-mail from a concerned reader asking for a LinuxQuake 3: Arena SDK mirror,as it is no longer hosted byLoki Software (as Linux Q3A support hasreverted back to id Software).

Fortunately, we still have a mirror for the last Q3 SDK released for Linux (version 1.17),and id’s TTimo let us know that he’s working on a 1.29h SDK release for Linux as well.TTimo is also responsible for Linux Q3A proper, GtkRadiant(the Q3A engine level editor), and Linux RTCW.

Please note that the 1.17 game source is incompatible with current versions of Q3A, and should only serve to help you get your mod project going until the new files are released.

Linux Q3A 1.17 Game Source Download:

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  1. Timbo Says:

    If anybody is interested I packaged up the 1.29h source to compile on linux with an appropriate Makefile.

    You can get it at

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