SuSE to stop selling Linux Games

December 11th, 2001 by Crusader

Arne Schmitz sent in the following disappointing news:

I just asked SuSE Germany if they were going to sell the “new” Loki titleslike Kohan and so on, since they already distributed most older Loki titlesin Germany. (

But today I got this negative answer (ed: translated into English):

“Dear SuSE customer, Thank you for your request: we willgenerally not be selling games in the future. We took them off our program.”

That’s really sad, because SuSE is the biggest Linux distributor in Europeand aside from ixSoftthe only place to buy Loki’sgames in Germany.

It seems that Linux games didn’t pay off on this side of the Atlantic either,huh?

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  1. nurgling Says:

    ixsoft is not the only distributor of Loki games left in germany. There is also “Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung”. I bought most of my Loki games in one of their Berlin stores, but they also have an OnLine shop:

    I also bought one game at ixsoft and delivery was fast. So there still is a choice.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A while ago I saw some Loki Games in the Linux corner at Karstadt. However, the boxes were in a terrible state. Seems like they were bought by clueless win32 users and then exchanged with the win32 version afterwards. The choice wasn’t very good either.


  3. chunky Says:

    They’re f***ing excellent – nice customer service, faster delivery than _any_ other company I’ve ever ordered stuff from, and they’re cheaper than ordering elseplaces online [for me, at least]

    Gary (-;

  4. Anonymous Says:
    very fast and reliable

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Germans can support Loki by buying direct from them like the rest of us no?
    Suse has a distro of Linux to look after, a distro ofLinux consisting of code that they must maintain. Unlike Microsoft, Suse has chosen to focus on evolving its operating system and supporting programs to be better. Meanwhile, Transgaming wastes time tryin’ to bring Shitty MS Windows programs to Unix…har har har

  6. Anonymous Says:

    There are some online-shops here in germany selling the games. But most of them have hopeless a out-of-date list of the available games (most have never heared of Kohan).
    Also I’m not sure, if anywhere in Germany is a real store to buy them. Here are way more Linux-Users then in US for example, but nobody seams to play on Linux.

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