Info on Page Flipping and NVIDIA Drivers

December 8th, 2001 by Alkini

Steve Petridis from wrote in with some information regarding the performance increases in the latest NVIDIA drivers:

Just wanted to let you know that the performance increases in the latestNVIDIA drivers aren’t global. There are only 3 combinations of X/OpenGLresolution that enable page flipping when VSYNC is off (the reason behindthe boost).

More details are included in the article Linux Drivers & Page Flipping.

3 Responses to “Info on Page Flipping and NVIDIA Drivers”

  1. Judecca Says:

    This explains my huge jump at 1024×768, as I run my desktop res at 1280×1024

  2. Anonymous Says:

    page flipping works fine at 1600×1200; but this driver trashed 1024×768 for me (wierd flickering patches jump all over screen)

    PIII 500 w gforce2 MX, kernel 2.4.2 (should update, i know)

  3. MyAss Says:

    Tux racer seems to display weird with theese new drivers… especially the ice. This is the only one strange occurance i have seen. Anyone else?

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