Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 Now Shipping

November 14th, 2001 by keerf

Loki’s site has been updated with news that Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 is now shipping. You can purchase the game from Loki’s Webstore or from one of there many resellers.

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  1. Starbuck Zero Says:

    Because I when to the Loki website and seen that this morning. Oh well, I’m going to order Heavy Metal for my self and Kohan for my friend. Just comes to show even though I sign on with TG I still support Loki… Hell I support a lot of close source companies under Linux. =

  2. PJ_Hooker Says:

    Heavy Metal is an extremely fun game. I also have the DVDs and I enjoyed the comic books when I was a kid. Graphics and music are awesome in this game.

    This is a game I’ve been waiting for since the day Loki announced they would port it.

    However, be warned. When this game was last discussed here on Linux Games, other users reported having problems with the beta of this game and Radeon based videocards. I don’t know which version of the Radeon and I don’t know if these problems are still true for the final version.

    I own a GeForce 2. So, I’ve already purchased this damned kick ass game (in fact I expect it might arrive today or tomorrow). However, if you have a Radeon, you might want to ask around a bit if support for this game is an issue for you. This game rocks and if you have an Nvidia based card, I definitely recommend it.

    For the most part it is a single player game in third person. I don’t believe there is a multi-player version of this game, but I’m no expert. If you’re looking for multiplayer, it would pay to research.

  3. cburke Says:

    They list Fry’s as a reseller, but I was in Fry’s and they didn’t have a single Loki game! Oh well, more business for Tux Games, I guess. :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    we need some new blood!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Got it thrown on my desk this morning! SHIT I forgot about those damned TPS reports, ahhhh I’ll get to them Monday.

  6. PJ_Hooker Says:

    I got mine today as well! Runs great! This game is awesome.

    I have a Geforce 2. I don’t know what problems these people with Radeons are having and that’s unfortunate. But I can assure you that this game runs perfectly on my GeForce 2, Pentium III 866, and 512 RAM.

    I highly recommend this game.

  7. Starbuck Zero Says:

    I guess I just what to wait into it gets in. Also remember to [b]REGISTER[/b] this game folks! I think the numbers will kinda help Loki guess what kinda of computers and distros we are running. So please if you have the time register and let Loki know in the comment box how much we care about them. =)

    Loki FAKK page:

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