Rune Review

November 6th, 2001 by michael

Woody Hughes wrote in to note he has posted his review of Rune, the Norse-themed third-person adventure game that was ported to Linux by Loki.

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  1. friedmud Says:

    I think it should be **Third*** Person. From Loki’s Site:

    Rune is Human Head’s [b]third-person[/b] perspective game of intense action and adventure steeped in a blend of Norse mythology and high fantasy. Players will have to use their brains as well as their massive brawn to survive as they explore the fully 3D game world fighting off fantastic creatures from both Norse legend with an array of swords, axes and magical devices.

  2. Jebus Says:

    [q][i]Rune, the Norse-themed first-person adventure game being ported to Linux by Loki[/i][/q]
    Being ported?! I thought it was already DONE. :^D

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If you haven’t played Rune yet, for whatever reason, download the demo, give it a try, and then you’ll be purchasing a copy from loki asap. I was completely against the game when a friend purchased it, and whoa was I wrong, this game rocks my socks off.

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