Aliens vs. Predator Progress

November 1st, 2001 by Crusader

Speaking of,Steven “relnev” Fuller’sLinux Aliens vs. Predator Gold porting projectis also hosted there. There are no snapshots available for download yet, but if you’refeeling adventurous you can check out the current CVS tree.The original source code can be found here.

Also, Monolith’s Jason Hallstated atShacknews that there should be anAliens vs. Predator 2 Linux server port; unfortunately there’sno word of a client port. An earlier version of theLithTech engine was ported to Linux byHyperion Entertainment for theirShogo: Mobile Armor Division port.

8 Responses to “Aliens vs. Predator Progress”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    $5 for a copy of this game :-) Gonna check it out, screenshots look cool

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Downloaded the CVS, compiled & worked fine. I whooped some Marine ass. Its all good. Thanks Steven! A great job!

  3. byte_bandit Says:

    I just love this game!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, keep it up ! Your work is greatly appreciated


  5. trocade Says:

    My version just segfaults when I add a user … anyone got a solution?

  6. rapina Says:

    i just have the demos…

    and it would be COOL to see a Aliens vs Predator 2

  7. Anonymous Says:

    how can i make avp gold capture the mouse?

  8. byte_bandit Says:

    at this point I mean! ..

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