Harpoon III Port?

October 30th, 2001 by Crusader

For those john paul jonesing for a naval warfare simulation, here’s some possible good news fromthe current maintainer of Harpoon III (which was originallyreleased for the Macintosh many moons ago):

Yup, there is a Linux version in the works…it hasn’t been publiclyannounced yet, but someone is currently working on a Linux port(under NDA currently and about to sign a Licensing Contract withAGSI). It’s at a _very_ _early_ stage (last I talked with him, hewas still working on getting all the names to lower case, sinceUnix/Linux is case sensitive, but MacOS and DOS/Win32 are not).

5 Responses to “Harpoon III Port?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps it is the new porting company [b]Linux Game Publishing[/b]

  2. Lightkey Says:

    Yehaa! I want more news!
    More, more, more…

  3. byte_bandit Says:

    is this a new game? the gfx is not that nice. And another question (unrelated) .. can I play openGL games with a ATI card?

  4. chunky Says:

    But he needs to mention that “working on” is something you do to filenames?

    This could take a while.

    Gary (-;

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Off topic I know, but I was just wondering if anyone knows what, if any, advantage there is in an operating system being case sensitive as opposed to being case insensitive? Is Linux case sensitive because of its Unix roots, or is there some other reason?

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