Crystal Space 0.90r001

October 30th, 2001 by Crusader

Version 0.90r001 ofCrystal Space, the open source 3D engine, has been released:

This is version 0.90 and it isa MAJOR step since the last official release (0.18). This releaseis actually in preparation for the long-expected 1.0 release.One of the most important goals we had to reach in order to beable to release 1.0 is API stability. Programming a game withCrystal Space was difficult because CS was a moving target. The0.90 release will try to end this race by stabilizing the API.Between 0.90 and 1.0 we will most likely have to do small APIchanges for things we forgot but this should now have minimaleffect on applications using CS.

The absolutely massive changelog can be found here.

Crystal Space 0.90r001 Download:

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