October 30th, 2001 by Crusader

Heavy Cat Multimedia sent in the following announcement concerningtheir new multi-platform game LadyStar:

Featuring new and original characters, quality 3D graphics and anepic storyline based on the popular “mahou shoujo” or magical girlgenre of Japanese animation, or anime, LadyStar(tm) promises toprovide adventure game fans with many hours of enjoyable andunique gameplay.

Ladystar(tm) tells the story of Jessica Hoshi, a friendly, optimistic andslightly scatter-brained 14-year old girl who is just starting high school.She immediately makes many new friends after joining the school band, butalso notices strange and mysterious events beginning to take place aroundher home and school.

As the game progresses, Jessica and her friends discover hidden treasuresand fantastic magical powers. Eventually the seven girls become powerfulwarriors who must travel to an enchanted realm where they will battlepowerful enemies as they try to solve the ancient legend of the LadyStar.

The new iStory(tm) game engine features an easy point-and-click interface,an inventory system, and allows games to be played on any PC platform witha standard web browser, such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer 5 or later,or Netscape version 6 or later.

LadyStar(tm) incorporates an exciting and bold array of unconventionaldevelopment and marketing ideas. Consisting of a planned52 episodes organized into five volumes, LadyStar(tm) is beinggradually released as shareware over the course of the next year, withthe first volume of 10 episodes available free, and the remaining fourvolumes included with registration. Two episodes, “The New Girl” and”Little Pictures Everywhere” are already available for download

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  1. Svartalf Says:

    Downloaded the shareware release- seems more like a multipath story with HTML links for the decisions (and the first part gave you go forward/back options only- so I gave up…). The graphics are good but gameplay, which is everything in a game (duh!) appears to be severely lacking here.

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