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October 29th, 2001 by Crusader
  • Gamespy posted anew previewof Return to Castle Wolfenstein, theremake of Wolfenstein 3-D being developedfor id Software by Gray Matter andNerve Software. The preview makes mentionthat the chances for a retail boxed Linux port are nil; fortunately, id’s Timothee Besset portedthe RTCW multiplayertest in his spare time, and indicatedthat he should be able to do the same for the retail release.
  • In addition, their hosted site3DActionPlanet has posted aarticle giving some historical backgroundfor some of the weapons featured in RTCW.
  • Achtung! Wolfenstein received aSITREP recently from Gray Matter:
    With the map test, the QA department at Activision, Id, Gray Matter, Nerve, and friends and family, there are a lot of eyes looking and playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein right now. It’s a wonderful thing and it will go a long way to making the game as robustand solid as possible. Right now we’re still in the Beta phase fixing bugs, tweaking cut-scene cameras and adding story polish where needed. I can safely say this game is getting the attention it deserves.

  • For those administrating RTCW multiplayer test servers, version 0.8.0 ofWolfStat, which compiles statistics from games played on the server in question,was released (the site seems down at the moment however). Moreover, another tool for admins is theWolfenstein Admin Bot, which should aid in kicking team-killing playersfrom your server.
  • There’s a RTCWdeveloper diary by Gray Matter’sGreg Goodrich up at IGN.
  • Finally, one of our readers was kind enough to convert the E3 RTCW trailer to MPEG format, which you can nowdownload from here:

7 Responses to “Wolfenstein Stuff”

  1. tspinillo Says:

    Timo, Thanks for the great effort!


  2. msimms Says:

    Its dissapointing that there will be no retail Linux version, but as long as there is a downloadable Linux binary, Tux Games will bundle a CD of the downloaded files along with each copy of the full retail version we sell.

  3. chunky Says:

    I’ll be able to buy it, and register it as a “I only paid for this so’s I could play it under linux”?

    It would just give the wrong impression if I bought it and that purchase was marked up as a windows thing.

    Of course, I also understand that the number of people registering as a “I bought this for linux” thing would be very small indeed, but every little counts.

    Gary (-;

    PS TTimo Rocks.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Whilst on the subject, has anyone here had problems getting the test to run as a non-root user? It starts and all, will try to connect to a server, then spit me back out to the main menu.

  5. mrluisp Says:

    Does anyone know of any way to get in contact with grey matter studios? Where is there website for the love of Christ? Are they part of Nerve Software or something?

  6. Maquis196 Says:

    There will be for certain a native linux port so why dont id just box it up and retail it,it wont take much effort! even if sales are low!


  7. subnet_rx Says:

    That doesn’t look like a “no” to me. Especially with PS2 Linux coming to the U.S. soon. That looks more like a maybe. Just let Loki do it, and let’s play, geez. No sense in teasing us with the test, then taking the candy right from the baby.

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