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October 25th, 2001 by Crusader

Speaking of Loki, president Scott Draekercommented toNewsForgeon TransGaming’s newlyannounced venture:

Draeker’s response to Gupta’s quote on how TranGaming is making the traditional approach obsolete: “Sure it does, in exactly the same way that deleting Linux and running Windows makes porting games to Linux obsolete.”

Draeker adds: “The reason people use Linux is not because it’s a great way to run Windows software. If you want Windows software then you should be running Windows. Our customers use Linux to run Linux software.

“When Loki ports a game we don’t use emulation or other tricks. We are creating a native Linux application. That’s the only way to take advantage of the features and stability that Linux offers. No Windows software, no matter how well emulated, can do that … Linux users demand more than Windows software can offer.”

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  1. Hohlraum Says:

    I totally agree. TG is bad for linux gaming.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t say so… It’s great that Loki’s doing native ports and I really think they are the future of Linux gaming but I’m all for getting some titles that wouldn’t be ported anyway working with WINE.

    This might actually bring some players to Linux if they could at least play some of their already bought windows titles. Then they could move on to purchase their new games from Loki. TransGaming has already stated that they won’t be working to get any titles that Loki has ported or is planning to port to work.

    Draeker does of course have a good point but one just has to hope people are drawn to Linux for other reasons too…

    There are some problems with this too… Let’s just hope that TransGaming won’t make game companies think that porting to linux is useless. WINE ports are bound to be inferior to native ones in some ways…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If WineX ever becomes even remotly succsessful, Microsoft will shake up its next release DirectX so bad it will take years for the WineX people to catch up. But considering that that the real wine is so much better than the CVS of WineX (which is the only source availible from the WineX people, no source for the versions they know work), Im not all that worried. Wine can acually install things, from what I’ve seen, WineX can’t.

  4. theoddone33 Says:

    Everyone please note that TransGaming’s venture (aside from the Mandrake deal, which doesn’t seem to be in question here) is NOT newly annouced! Just because they are acting like it is something new doesn’t negate the fact that they annouced their plans last December. Just because Slashdot posted on it a few days ago does not negate the fact that Slashdot informed their readers about it on December 30, 2000. The only new thing to come out of this is the Mandrake deal and The Sims.

  5. Maquis196 Says:

    Everyone has there own opinion on this matter,heres mine;
    I bought every single native Linux port out,what do i do next? I would like nothing more then to confine my winblows collection of games in a big (and i mean big!) box under my dead with native Linux ports of all them,but what are the chances of that? Only time will tell if winex turns Linux into the OS/2 running windows better then windows scenario! If there were time constraints on winex about which games they could run then developers would have to consider Linux instead of going,hmm winex can do it so why bother? I subscribe to winex and im lobying for compatiblity for the old directx 3,5,6 games,i think directx 8 being ported/emulated would hurt native Linux builds,Ill never see civilization 2 for Linux native but id rather run it on Linux then windows!

  6. theoddone33 Says:

    That quote from this Gupta guy is the most honest I’ve seen TransGaming thus far. In all the other interviews I have read, they tried to declare their supposed superiority to Loki without actually stating it. It’s good that they’re starting to show their true feelings, even though those true feelings are highly biased, inaccurate, and somewhat targeted.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    If he dislikes Transgaming this much, why does he have to say anything?
    It would have been more professional of him to just not say one
    word about it. By doing that, I think he starts to make the Linux
    gamer market slowly take sides.[br]
    I happen to think that WineX is great for the Linux game market. Look at
    what they did already. They ported The Sims, and only in 8 weeks.
    They have some type of deal with EA as well.[br]
    I also belive that winelib is the perfect tool for starting the
    porting process over to Linux from Windows. Maybe it will allow us
    to eventually have “OpenPlay” that would be similar to DirectPlay.

  8. zeldario Says:

    I’ve got a lot of older games that will never be ported to Linux.
    I want to run those using Linux because Linux + Wine is faster and more stable than Windows.
    At the moment I still use Windows a lot, but that will change as soon as possible.
    People that think Wine is bad for Linux gaming don’t know how much Windows sucks.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I also think the Loki guy shouldn’t have said anything. I mean love them, and I own just about every one of their games, and will buy everyone as it comes out, I think it’s stupid when someone says crap about the competition. It’s like Microsoft saying Linux sucks. Of course it’s going to say that, it sure the hell ain’t gonna say that Linux is good! It’s pointless. I could of told you what Draeker’s opinion was going to be before he even formed it.

    I subscribed for Transgaming. The fact that they support Mandrake makes me like them even more(Redhat doesn’t care about non-server people).

    As for the people saying Microsoft will just change DirectX…OF COURSE IT WILL. It’s done it in just about every version. But they have to maintain backwards compatibility or else older games will just stop working. That’s why Transgaming is only officially supporting one version. That’s how they plan on staying in business…by selling the newest version. They should probably name the version relative to the DirectX versions. That way if the box says you need DirectX8, you’ll konw you need WinX8.

  10. Dweebs Says:

    Hooray for Loki!

    Standing up for Linux gamers everywhere.

    I have Windows Emulations called /mnt/windows/

    I try to use it as little as possible!

    :) –Dweebs

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Have You ever considered that this is a potential death strike towards linux.

    f0000k wine

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I think, like most people, I buy the games that I like to play. If that game doesn’t run natively under Linux then I’m stuffed. I’ve got a pile next to my desk that have not been played on my machine because they’re windows only. I buy them on recommendations, reviews and when I get the opportunity to play them on someone elses Windows box. There’s no way most of them, especially the older ones, are going to get ported to Linux. I prefer native applications such as the excellent Quake ports, Unreal Tounrament etc. but if there isn’t one available then I’m more than happy to make use of the windows API layer provided by the WINE project. Half-Life runs wonderfully and the more games that are supported the happier I’ll be which is why I too have subscribed to Transgaming. I don’t understand why there are [b]any[/b] arguments about this. I’m assuming we’re all pro Linux and we’re all on this forum because we like games. If the game you want to play runs happily under Linux then what’s the problem? I’m happy, I’m playing games and I’m using Linux.

  13. Starbuck Zero Says:

    If you ask me I like that fact that TG is making it so I can play some old games Win32 with my friends. On the other side I like the fact that Loki is doing native ports of games. If it’s not on Linux and they company don’t want to port it, then I’ll vote for it on TG web site. If it’s in the works at Loki or another one of the porting houses then I can wait like I did for every other game that is put out. So yes Mr. Draeker you have my word that I will continue to buy your games and support your company. Also Gavriel State (CEO & CTO of TG) I will keep voting for the games that are not put out on the Linux platform and I will also pay for games that use the winelib long as they work… In the end all I want to do is have fun and support the Linux gaming community by paying for games and not going to some warez site… Like I did in Windows. =)

  14. tyreth Says:

    I am a gamer, that is the earliest thing I ever first did on a computer. Since then I have grown to love programming, and linux appeals to me in many ways. However, for the moment I am cursed, like many people, to dual boot. Until I can play my games under linux, my switch will not be complete – and for many others this is the case. My cousin is planning to install linux on his system when he gets a computer because he knows transgaming will allow him to play his windows games on it. Native ports are great, but if they are not available for a specific game, then winex will have to do.

    This will just allow a certain group of linux users to remove windows and run linux purely. That can only be good for native ports – the more that move to linux, the more widely it becomes known, the more seriously developers will take native ports. Either way, I am a linux user and I want my games. If someone wants to port half-life natively then fine. Until then, I will use winex.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone tried recently?

  16. yem Says:

    Who the hell would pay for a native port when they can use the windows version for free? If no one would pay for a native port, why would anyone bother to get games ported? So we end up with a situation where the only recent release games playable on linux are emulated windows games, and when DX8.0+ catches on you won’t even have that. The argument that winex helps coax windows gamers to linux is bullshit – they will always stay with windows.

    The only people it appeals to are dualbooters. Don’t kid yourselves – they’re not gonna nuke their windos partition, they’ll just be far less likely to front up the $$ for a port.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t use them because they will destroy you! Bill Gates wants to be your master! Bill Gates has *inspired the Wine API and Transgaming to corrupt the Unix world! Mandrake is now among them! Don’t purchase Mandrake software! Mandrake was originally created by MacMillan Software! Boycott MacMillan!

    Did I get them all?

    (*-=.,.=-*-=.,I love’s forums because the last post is always the first post to be read,.=-*-=.,.=-*)

  18. theoddone33 Says:

    Here’s something I’m wondering about. Blue’s News said that the Mandrake gaming edition would sell for $70 US. Do you guys think that price is good?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    We are flaming Transgaming, WINE API, and Mandrake.
    Yep we’re flaming. Just waitin’ to read.
    Well this is hot. Anyone have anything negative to say?
    woo I’m dying of anticipation.
    eeewww I think I read a bad flame.
    Wasn’t bad at all. I’ll wait…


  20. Anonymous Says:

    Draeker assumes that the readers of his response as well as all of his customers are on a religious Jihad against Windows. But I think it’s a bad idea to narrowly limit your customer base to one particular brand of religious zealot, for no good reason.

    He says his customers demand more than Windows software can offer, but how can he deliver that if Loki is only porting games straight across, but not putting much effort into substantially redesigning them to take real advantage of Linux, or even developing a new games from the ground up, unlike anything that’s ever been seen on Windows?

    Native ports certainly benefit from the robust, efficient Linux virtual memory and file system, but so do games running under Wine.

    Perhaps Loki should try putting more original creative development effort into the games they port, to really take substantial advantage of Linux features that you can’t get through emulation.

    When I ported SimCity Classic [ ] to Unix from 1991 to 1993, I took the time to rewrite all of the graphics code and user interface from scratch (twice: first in PostScript, then in TCL), and added unix-specific features to the game like scalable graphics [ ] using NeWS [ ] PostScript, and multi-player support [ ] using X11 [ ] networking.

    Maybe Loki should change their approach, take some of their single player games, and really exploit Linux by turning them into networked multi player games, like I did with SimCity classic. Then they might have an argument against Transgaming’s assertion that Wine makes their current approach to porting obsolete.


    Take a look and feel free:

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s a crazy idea. If you really want to support Loki, then shut up and buy the game. Then when you’re done, convince a friend to do the same.
    Loki does have one thing going against them though. Why should I pay for the game from Loki when I already bought it for windows 3 months ago when it came out? Especially in the case of Quake3, when I could just download the linux binaries.

  22. bobcat Says:

    It’s easy to get off on a tangent about Wine. Think back to the days of OS/2. They ran Windows programs too, but Micrsoft had no qualms about changing win32x so fast IBM could not keep up. Mark my words, Microsoft will destroy Wine just like every other “competitor” they have turned their face to. This is the issue. It’s not about “To port, or not to port”. Those of us with long memories and forward vision can see what Microsoft will try to do. Let Wine sap off Linux development, then start changing .dll’s and parts of DirectX so fast, Wine can’t keep up. Then when there are no games, and Wine runs nothing, Linux gets a bad name. If that sounds paranoid, to you well….. I’d put forth that it’s not paranoid enough. (Long live Corel Linux).

  23. Anonymous Says:

    In november when MandrakeSoft releases 8.1 w/ TransGaming Package I plan on picking it up..I think its a good idea to help lure people on the verge of running *nix an extra “push” over the fence.

    Also, Blizzard [] has put in a nice little note:
    Q: Are there any plans to port a Linux version?
    A: We are currently developing WarCraft III for the PC and Macintosh and have no plans for versions on other operating systems.

    Its nice of them to acknowledge that there ARE other operating systems outside of the windows world..and nice enough to add that to thier faq..

    W/ Mac OS X being UNIX based shouldnt it be quite easy to port from the Mac OS to Linux? Be nice to run WC3 on linux :D

  24. Anonymous Says:

    The problem with linux ports is the price. As most of the games are old when they come out the Windows version is already on half the price or under. Why should I pay 300mk for a game when the same thing for Windows is available for 99mk ? (This being in Finland…)

  25. I_like_windows Says:

    I like Windows.

  26. griffine Says:

    No matter what people say, this is going to be released anyways. True, Wine does hurt the Linux world in the sence that less people attempt at writing software for Linux, but give Linux about 5 to 10 years before it becomes that which MS Windows is today.

    The reasons I say this is as follows: From early 80’s to early 90’s, Apple ruled the desktop with the Macintosh computer with MacOS. That was a freaking 10 year period! Give the world a couple of years, and Microsoft gained power in the sence that more people used IBMs, so it was more practicle to use a “MacOS”esque style for the IBM world. That was Windows. It only really took off around 1995 when Windows 95 came out. So I believe (personaly) that by 2005 the world of Windows will come to a dead stop. True, they will continue to develop software and OS’s based on Windows, but after a few years, odds are Linux will be the number one OS developed for (unless something else comes along, but even then that would be so early in development that no one would ever know about it).

    I’m still amazed at the fact that people would rather spend $300 on a Windows OS, when you can get Linux for FREE, and it does more than Windows Professional will EVER do and at better quality at that! With WinXP out now, it starts to remind me of a “wanna-be KDE” with a “MacOS (9-): idiot compliant” feel to it.

    Working with Dell computers (tech support), I’ve found out that Microsoft sucks balls bigger than Jupiter, however, it keeps me in the job. I guess it’s better than people (at this point in time) calling in asking “What do i do with the TAR file I just downloaded?” Maybe one of these days people will STOP making programs for Linux, and start helping it to be more user friendly… KDEteam can’t do it on their own guys. Believe me, if I kenw enough about programming, I would help.

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