Uplink 1.01

October 25th, 2001 by Crusader

Introversion Software has released a version 1.01 patchfor Uplink, theirfuturistic hacking game (shots).Changes:

The main bug fixed is the “Log Deleter V4″ bug which has been reported on the forum.This was causing some save games to become corrupt after using that software tool.People who had this problem will find they can now load those save games without any problems.There are a couple of other minor problems fixed as well.

You can download a demo of Uplink here.

Uplink 1.01 Patch:

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  1. Anonymous Says:


    If anybody of you guys hasnt tested this game (better said tried the demo), I can realy recommend it -> It ROXX ! I could say much, but still it is easier to just try it :)

    Hackering t41nke8

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