Mesa 4.0

October 23rd, 2001 by Crusader

Version 4.0 of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library, an open sourceimplementation of the OpenGL API, has been released.Changes include:

  • Mesa 4.0 implements the OpenGL 1.3 specification
  • GL_IBM_rasterpos_clip extension
  • GL_EXT_texture_edge_clamp extension (aka GL_SGIS_texture_edge_clamp)
  • GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat extension
  • added OSMESA_MAX_WIDTH/HEIGHT queries
  • updated glext.h and glxext.h files
  • added some missing GLX 1.3 tokens to include/GL/glx.h
  • GL_COLOR_MATRIX changes weren’t recognized by teximage functions
  • glCopyPixels with scale and bias was broken
  • glRasterPos with lighting could segfault
  • glDeleteTextures could leave a dangling pointer
  • Proxy textures for cube maps didn’t work
  • fixed a number of 16-bit color channel bugs
  • fixed a few minor memory leaks
  • GLX context sharing was broken in 3.5
  • fixed state-update bugs in glPopClientAttrib()
  • fixed glDrawRangeElements() bug
  • fixed a glPush/PopAttrib() bug related to texture binding
  • flat-shaded, textured lines were broken
  • fixed a dangling pointer problem in the XMesa code (Chris Burghart)
  • lighting didn’t always produce the correct alpha value
  • fixed 3DNow! code to not read past end of arrays (Andrew Lewycky)

Mesa 4.0 Source:
Mesa Demos 4.0:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Funny, two hours before i visited to see
    if Mesa 4.0 is out, but the only thing i saw was 3.5.
    Now 4.0 is out.

    Great, really great.

    I heared Mesa 4.0 will be a little faster than 3.4,
    time to test this now. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. crimsun Says:

    If you’re trying to compile Mesa3d 4.0 and are getting an error:

    config.status: error: cannot find input file: ggi/demos/

    please apply the following patch:

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It almost feels like this is wasted work, with NVidia blowing past everyone else on the hardware side and still refusing to give hardware interface specs to the Mesa people.

    Does anyone have any idea how soon the Radeon 8500 should see DRI support? I’d like to make that my next video card, but I seem to remember there being a considerable wait before the original Radeon was well supported under Linux.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    …working together.[br][br]Now that would be a tremendous reason for 3D Modellers to switch to Linux; for the fast updates to 3D Software![br][br]If they form a team, Mesa3D 5.0 should be 3DLabs’ spec for openGL 2.0.[br][br]Maybe if they adopted 3DLabs’ spec, then 3DLabs would be kind enough to open up the specs on their previous chipsets like the 300,500, and Delta.[br][br][b]Until then, this 3DLabs sticker won’t see the light of day![/b]

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