Interview With Me, Al

October 22nd, 2001 by Alkini

I’m not sure what to say about this, but the German Linux gaming site Holarse decided to interview me. They sent me reader-submitted questions regarding Linux gaming and I did my best to not sound like an idiot. My thanks to comrad and the rest of Holarse for giving me the opportunity. Now that it’s over with, I have one question for everyone else — did LG really appear in Antitrust?

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  1. Lightkey Says:

    Uhm, hello, I´m the one who asked you that, and…..
    I´m still not sure, but it can be that I confuse it with a news where LG was shown on TV.
    Btw, I didn´t saw the movie itself.
    Ciao Lightkey

  2. michael Says:

    Once again, Al demonstrates why he is the most sought after entertainer in whatever God-forsaken corner of Wisconsin he lives in.


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