X-Plane for Linux

October 18th, 2001 by keerf

A bunch of emails flew in over the past few days regarding X-Plane Flight Sim being ported to linux. The game itself is still in beta for linux, and only has a few portions of it avaliable for download. The parts that can be downloaded are:

  • Airfoil-Maker
  • Plane-Maker
  • World-Maker
  • Weather-Briefer

The game binary itself will hopefully follow soon. For now you can download the subprograms of X-Plane. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with word of this release.

Download: xsystem_linux_beta2.tar.gz

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  1. StarTux Says:

    Just used the demo on Windows, has a nice “feel” about it.

    Amazing just one guy does all the programming on this Sim. What else is good is the option to fly on Mars, pretty nifty to see.

    Not sure if he will release a demo that will work on Linux though, but do check it out and check out the user comments to get a balanced view and opinion :).


  2. msimms Says:

    Tux Games ( ) has been in discussion with the X-Plane people, and we will be offering it from our website as soon as it becomes available.
    Initially there will be the standard windows CD along with one of our Tux Games CDs with the downloadable Linux stuff, for those that dont want the hassle of downloading. You will need the windows CD to play the game. Later on there will be a CD with all OS’s supported from it.

  3. yem Says:

    I’m really looking forward to X-Plane for linux – hope Petru pulls it off.

    Pity you need the files from the windos CD in order to try the port of the tools.. I’d love to test them out, but.. no CD.

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