MAMECAT 0.43.b15

October 18th, 2001 by Alkini

Version 0.43.b15 of the QT-based XMame launcher MAMECAT has been released; changes SINCE 0.42 include:

  • first version with Qt 3.x support
  • made the GUI more responsive during gamelist-refresh and preview-checking
  • progress dialogs are now also displayed while the catalog, the rom status cache and “additional info” (manufacturer & year) are loaded/parsed
  • new and improved about dialog that works fine with both Qt 2’s and Qt 3’s layout management
  • changed the snapshot-rule from -snapXXX. to XXXX. when searching for preview images
  • integrated the FAQ into the docs directory; german translation available
  • new “overall” gamelist statistics counters
  • fixed paragraphs in the sample text for the default font (options/fonts)
  • adjusted the startup size of the options dialog (smaller now)
  • added a preview toggle via menu
  • bugfixes

MAMECAT 0.43.b15 downloads:

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