Warlock Front End 0.3pre3

October 17th, 2001 by Alkini

Version 0.3pre3 of the Dragonrealms front-end Warlock Front End has been released; changes since 0.2 include:

  • custom string highlighting
  • multiple character profile support
  • font configuration
  • stopping scripts is supported through the menu and the Escape key
  • scripting acts more like the Wizard
  • greatly improved speed
  • stability slightly improved
  • command history should work properly
  • color palette editing
  • improved scripting support
  • all of warlock’s files reside in the users home directory
  • installation script
  • included auto-launch script for logging in through the dragonrealms webpage
  • roundtime bar moved
  • preliminary reverse engineering of the Simutronics Game Entrance(SGE)
  • bugfixes

Warlock Front End 0.3pre3 source: warlock-0.3pre3.tar.bz2

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