Red Hat Hires Former DRI Developers

October 17th, 2001 by

Today I came across this press release on Yahoo which was linked to by NewsForge. It explains that Red Hat has hired some former VA Linux personnel. Another Newsforge item points to this brief at LinuxJournal that lists several persons starting work at Red Hat this week, including Rik Faith, Alan Hourihane, and Kevin Martin, all of whom have been key developers in the XFree86/DRI (Direct Rendering Infrastructure) project. So it seems as though several of the XFree86/DRI developers who were recently laid off have found new work.

When asked about this news, one DRI developer responded:

Yes, they picked up some of the graphics people. Who exactly is sort ofup in the air at the moment. A few people have decided to do differentthings.

Further, as the Red Hat press release specifically mentions this move as adding “Open Source graphic engineering and consulting” to their business, this strengthens the possibility that the current 3D drivers will be maintained and that drivers could be developed for newer cards, like the recently released ATI Radeon 7500/8500.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    maybe i’ll talk the people i know into buying some nice RedHat boxes.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Redhat have been excellent in supporting Linux development _and_ have not played the “hire lots of people and then sack them 6 months later” game that most of the other big Linux companies have played.

    Kudos to Redhat – I’ll buy, rather than download, their new Release.

  3. vardamir Says:

    I would really enjoy seeing open source drivers for the new Radeon and FireGL 8800 cards, – not only could I use this for my x86 systems – but I really want to move to PPC64 when Mac comes out with the G5.

  4. michael Says:

    So… we know where Gareth is, but what about Brian Paul and Keith Whitwell? Daryll Strauss?


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’m glad RedHat has stepped up and helped fund DRI. Even on my old Voodoo3 card, the current drivers work well and are reliable. With the new hardware comming out, driver support will be really appreciated.

    After hearing how well Nvidia’s closed drivers worked by the advocates here, I decided to get a Elsa Geforce2 64M card. What a pain. Not only does the system crash on a regular basis, AGP had to be disabled to reduce the instability down to occasional. It was like using Windows again. ARGH!

    So, what was the reason for the Geforce2? Why not just get a Radeon? TV-out. The only card with TV-out and current generation 3D was Nvidia’s.

    After a could days of fiddling around with it, checking a dozen FAQs — official and not — and many dozens of Usenet reports, I’m at my wits end.

    The results of all that effort? No Tv-out, and the system crashes about once a day when switching to a console or on high disk load. Very inconsistant.

    The closest I’m able to get is text mode on the TV if the monitor is disconnected…and a blank display when graphics kicks in. Toggling from a VT to the blank screen a couple times does show a quick flash of the GUI. /var/log/xfree.log reports “2 display devices connected, buy only 1 supported”…WTF?

    All the XFree tweaking I’ve ever done on a few dozen S3, Matrox, 3DFX, ATI, and cards driven by the SVGA driver combined just match the time I’ve spent working on this one card…and it still doesn’t work as well. The only perk? 3D is fast, but it’s a new card with 4-16x the RAM, so it should be.

    Got a XF86config-4 with TV and TwinView enabled? Post it. I’d love to get this working. (Please — no snippets. I want to see a real, working, config.)

  6. terracon Says:

    This makes me very happy indeed :) .

  7. Anonymous Says:

    If redhate actively do driver developement i buy
    thers distro even if i use an other one.

    and for ppl how like close source driver: What will
    happen when you hardware is old? do nvidia continue suport
    5+ diferent chip at same time?

    what if x11 is replacer by NEW_COOL_WINDOWING_SYSTEM?

    or what about other os? do is willing to vnidia port ther
    driver to a lesse popular os?

    core code _must_ be open and free… specialy if it talk to hardware. I care less for aplication and i accept to install
    binary only application(i use free alternative if exsite).
    for exemple: netscape, flash plugin, realplayer, quake3.

    I hope you all see the light eventualy…

    nvidia suck,

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