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October 15th, 2001 by Crusader

Linux Game Publishing fired in the following notice:

London, England. Linux Game Publishing announces the launch of its newservice to provide publishing facilities for Linux games. Along withthe corporate launch Linux Game Publishing is happy to announce thesigning of two major titles to be ported to the Linux platform. Thetitles of these new releases to be announced over the next followingweeks.

Linux Game Publishing is also pleased to announce the launch of thenew company web site, at

About Linux Game Publishing LTD
Founded in 2001, Linux Game Publishing was formed to help companiesbring their games to market. Combining extensive Linux knowledge witha solid business foundation, Linux Game Publishing is partnering witha number of other companies to bring to Linux both ports of games fromother platforms and original titles.

As soon as we receive word on what game ports are in the works, we’ll post it here.

5 Responses to “Linux Game Publishing”

  1. byte_bandit Says:

    this sounds intresting! .. let’s wait n see what turns out!!

  2. theoddone33 Says:

    Jump on this with your Sims “port”.

    You know you want to.

  3. mrluisp Says:

    Do you think these two [i]major[/i] titles are gonna be recent titles?
    You could argue that Loki has just decided to port a [i]major[/i] title with Postal.

    Well, more games is better than no games, I guess. I just hope they’re fun.

  4. bakiller Says:

    damn, I cant wait that long!!! :) i gota find out what a major title really is! I hope its good and I also hope Linux Game Publishing the best, because as we all know, there hasnt been a porting company that has really succeded

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Lets hope they will port the good old game North and South and give it TCP/IP support :)

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