Agendaroids 2001.10.09

October 10th, 2001 by michael

Bill Kendrick threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t mention that he has released a new version of Agendaroids, an X Windows clone of Asteroids for the Agenda VR3 PDA. Changes include:

  • More documentation
  • Thrust controls now work! You can fly around!
  • High score
  • Pause implemented
  • Paused game and high score saved when you quit
  • Extra lives (every 10,000 points)

Agendaroids is available from

4 Responses to “Agendaroids 2001.10.09”

  1. billkendrick Says:

    U spelt “X-Window” rong. ;)

  2. EvilBill Says:

    Any more work to be done on BoBoBot? Is development dead? I luv platform games. And Atari’s too. I just need an EMU that will run BountyBobStrikesBack.

  3. geekd Says:

    Jesus! No updates here at since Wed? WTF?

  4. Anonymous Says:

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