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October 8th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software fired in the following:

Tucson, AZ – Proving again that good taste is no substitute for goodgameplay, outrageous developer Running With Scissors dropped anot-so-dainty-sized turd into Martha Stewart’s videogame punchbowl byannouncing they will join forces with Loki Software to bring thelong-awaited Linux version of POSTAL PLUS(TM) to Windows-wearygameplayers, everywhere.

“There’s something just plain sick and wrong about Linux users,” saidVince Desi, Running With Scissors’ tetanus-tempered edge. “That’swhy we’re so excited to be able to bring these gaming misfits a Linuxversion of POSTAL PLUS – They’re our kind of people!”

“Why did we do it?” said Scott Draeker, President of Loki Software,Inc. “Two words: First Amendment. Besides, it’s nice to playsomething with all the gore of Quake but none of the nausea. Loki,the Norse god of mischief and our namesake, would definitely haveapproved”.

Having hurdled both legislative and litigious obstacles since firstinviting gamers to go POSTAL(TM) back in 1997, Desi has good reasonto brag on the hard-won success of the POSTAL franchise.

Running With Scissors holds a string of international licensingagreements that have made POSTAL a part of the game culture of sucheconomic giants as Japan, Korea and Canada. Desi is equallyconfident that the Linux version of the ever-popular game will onlyincrease its presence in the world marketplace.

“Industry insiders call it ‘having achieved cult status’,” laughedDesi. “We like to call it ‘business as usual.’ No matter what youcall it, though, there’s simply no denying the power of POSTAL – It’ssort of like the ‘power of cheese’ but with a lot more blood andscreaming.”

Running With Scissors develops outrageous entertainment software justfor the hell of it. Contact Vince Desi at: 520 577 0321, or e-mailVince at: vince@gopostal.comor visit us at:

Loki Software, Inc. works with rockin’ publishers and developers toport their best-selling PC products to Linux. Visit for the full deal.

You can hit the new Loki Postal Plus site at

17 Responses to “Postal Plus Linux Port”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Please tell me Loki isn’t reduced to this. Yes, one fun, cheap, pointless title is fine, here and there. But if no more quality titles come out of Loki, even if the company stays afloat, I will consider them dead.

  2. Anonymous Says:



  3. Anonymous Says:

    Postal is one game that would kick ass to have for linux. The gameplay is aweso… well, it’s just a cool game. I hope it comes out soon!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    [i]”There’s something just plain sick and wrong about Linux users,” said Vince Desi, Running With Scissors’ tetanus-tempered edge. “That’s why we’re so excited to be able to bring these gaming misfits a Linux version of POSTAL PLUS – They’re our kind of people!”[/i]

    What’s that supposed to mean? What’s sick and wrong about being a Linux user? What’s wrong with Loki these days? They are in financial trouble, port what has to be one of the crappiest games ever and then put out a press release that reads like a pathetic joke.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    He he, this game looks great :) Glad to see that Loki gets to port somewhat different titles, as well!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    dont know what I should say about this game. I will try the demo before I say anything![br]byte_bandit

  7. Anonymous Says:

    dont know what I should say about this game. I will try the demo before I say anything![br]byte_bandit

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, this is a 1997 game. :^)

    Still, could be fun (though I’ll scream if
    it’s released at anything more than about

  9. RobSeace Says:

    While you’re porting old sicko games with no redeeming
    qualities, why not port “Grand Theft Auto”, and/or
    “Carmageddon”? ;-) I’d love to have those on Linux…
    I’ve never tried “Postal”, though…

  10. Dodger_ Says:

    That game had WAY too much hype. I actually went out and bought it at Software Etc. about two years after it came out. It was HORRIBLE! The gameplay was abysmal, the graphics look like crap and there’s no logic to the game at all(yeah yeah, it’s about going postal, but there’s gotta be some kind of rules). Loki should spend their efforts, as others have stated, on more fruit bearing products. If they want to port a fun, isometric, kill-em-all game, they should port the Crusader: No Remorse series.

    just my 3.1415926 cents,

  11. Anonymous Says:

    nothing I will pay money for .. to old game for my taste

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely going to buy it. I read about it when it was new but never really got into buying it. Now I get a chance to play it and what’s best, on my favourite platform too. :)

    This is also great for the ones among us with lower-end systems.

    I see nothing wrong with porting classics or games that’ve obtained cult status. I’d actually love to see lots of them ported.

  13. PJ_Hooker Says:

    Well, I support Loki and will purchase the game. It’s important to get Loki on its feet again. The smash hit titles cost a lot of money and Loki will need the cash if we want to see those again.

    This may not be a Deus Ex style hit, but it looks decent enough and I imagine it will be reasonably priced. It’s important to support Loki if we want to see them on their feet again with enough revenue to get the large titles again.

    Remember when they filed Chapter 11 that they warned they may not get the huge titles for a while. So, it’s important that we don’t drop our support now.

    Remember that Loki has to pay huge royalty and licensing fees for the big name ports. Plus, I imagine it’s crucial for Loki to earn enough money to start hammering their debts, especially past due wages.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t a while ago Loki filed for Chapter 11? How do I know if I can get support for the game before Loki shut down, or will the Linux port of the game ever be released? That doesn’t sound like an attractive offer for Linux users at all.

  15. Catonga Says:

    What’s that?

    That game says nothing to me.
    I heared it is a little like Syndicate, from 1997
    and plays like crap.

    Old games are ok, but not unknown games that make no fun.

    Loki should better port the old Duke Nukem 3d Version from 1996 or the original Syndicate, these games are more than a lot better. And because they are very old they are probably very cheap for Loki.

    I saw some screenshots of Postal and i think i will not buy it.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    a few minutes ago i had a look at the Postal screenshots.
    even though i gotta say that they look sorta outdated compared to nowadays standards, i also need to admit that the gameplay sounds like a whole lotta fun. if the ‘Plus’ in the title indicates that there are some advanced gameplay and/or graphic features, i will buy it.
    Generally a nice idea to port such a title… BUT even though the *nix community mite be sorta underground still and not specifically lookin for mainstream titles, still i think that a game like Carmageddon which features ultra sick, innovative and fun gameplay _AND_ smooth graphics would by far outsell any previous Loki title and make it straight to the top of Linux games.

    i think about putting a vote forum somewhere for this issue.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    My question relates to my subject line… Is it that obviously censored or am I just an idiot looking to buy yet another great Loki title?

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