Pingus 0.0.15

May 31st, 1999 by Crusader

The Linux Game Tome updated with the news of the release of Pingus 0.0.15, the Clanlib-based Lemmings clone for Linux. Changes in 0.0.15 include:

- a nice looking particle system
- the capture rectangle now changes to red if the action can’t be applied
- some basic sound support, but no files are sound files are pressend
- the game runs now at a constant game speed
- Pingus can be run in multible resolution (-r 800×600)
- random maps are now possible, see level4.plf
- make install is working
- Some music is available, but not yet integrated into pingus, it can be downloaded separately
- some event handling code from PenguinPlay is provided with pingus, but not used at the moment

The 515k tarball can be downloaded from

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