Can’t I Sink Something? Anything?

October 8th, 2001 by Crusader

Quick rant here.

Back in the dark days of dual-booting (1997), I used to play a submarine warfare sim called 688(i), which was released by EA under the Jane’s label way back when. Recent events have reminded me that it’s been a considerable length of time since I last played a naval sim of any kind, so I picked up a budget Naval Warfare Collection EA put out last year of various Jane’s games. These titles (688i, Fleet Command, and F/A-18) each seem to use Diret3D 3 or 6, depending on their individual date of release, and none of them appear run in Wine (if anyone has had any luck with these titles, feel free to e-mail me or comment below), including the WineX fork. There’s also a new EA sub sim, but as it’s a D3D8 title I doubt it’ll run in Wine either. I’ve looked around for an open source naval warfare sim project, to no avail (again, if anyone knows of one, e-mail or comment).

The old Linux adage is “if you have an itch, scratch it”, but neither you nor I want me anywhere near gcc ;) (it’s been probably 5 years since I’ve even attempted to code anything). However, I guess if worse comes to worse and no one knows of any working Win32 sim or a native open source one, I guess I’ll end up trying to pick up coding again, grab an editor, and attempt to forge one, so to speak.

Thanks for putting up with this aside.

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  1. yem Says:

    Oooh I’ve had that sitting in my drawer for over a year – I’ve kept it around in the hope that one day it’ll be playable – anyone?

  2. dvNull Says:

    There is one project.

    I was also thinking about a naval combat game or even a good tank sim for Linux.

  3. mrluisp Says:

    As far as I know a lot of game genres are missing. Most sport games (like football, soccer, hockey, basketball) and I haven’t seen too many car racing games either. I’m talking about 3D stuff like Madden 2002, although I would settle for madden 96.
    However, That snowboarding game from a couple days back looks pretty promising.

  4. ZlatkO Says:

    It probably doesn’t qualify as a “sim”, but it should satisfy the need to sink something. :-) At least it certainly looks nice: – haven’t tried it myself yet, though. HTH.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    There are some simulation projects like Geome ( and OpenSim (no website). Although they are primarily land/air oriented, I gather sea units could be possible later on.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Navel Wargames are even rarer. There’s Harpoon 4 (not released yet, possibly canceled), the last one was Janes Fleet Command. Before that, I can’t really think of any that were origonaly released since the dos days …

  7. Catonga Says:

    i688 Hunter Killer was a great game.

    I also played it for a very long time, it was a very exciting

    Like playing cat and mouse.

    But i never tried it under wine.

  8. byte_bandit Says:

    do I have to say anything more =) .. I wish I spent that much time on my homeworks.

  9. jameson Says:

    Well, it’s not _really_ what you’re looking for, but from what I’ve been told, Codename: Iceman includes sinking a submarine or two. It’s not fully supported in FreeSCI yet (i.e. it hasn’t been completed yet, and there are known bugs with it), but I thought I’d mention it anyway…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I also love to play subsims and just got myself Sub Command which is nade for Windows. Tried with Wine but I didn’t get it to work. I would sure love to see some GNU/Linux subsims. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t get rid of the Win yet.

  11. crweb Says:

    I’ve gotten a lot of games working in the new wine. Like
    Jane’s Fighters Anthology (It won’t grab the keyboard other than that it works flawless). Diablo 2, Unreal Tournament, Baldur’s Gate, all kinds of stuff! you ought to try the newest release!

  12. ucapajr Says:

    There is an open surce D3D8->openGL wrapper project, it’s new but they have got a win32 dll up and running. You may have some joy with that. I can’t rem the URL. If I find it again I’ll mail it to you.

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