Half-Life Client in Wine

May 31st, 1999 by Crusader

Judecca of wrote in with the news that the Half-Life client runs in Wine 990523:

Here’s the quick and dirty way I’ve found to get half life running in linux with wine.

1. Mount your windows partition as the user you wish to play as
2. Get the newest build of wine
3. Make sure glide and Mesa are working (currently 3dfx is the only way i can get it)

Then the command line is as simple as :
( ) are optional

wine -nodga “hl.exe -console -width xxx (-game tfc) (+connect x.x.x.x)”

640 or 800 work well in width but i couldn’t get 512 even if it was built into my x server. I haven’t tried much single player but multiplayer works flawlessly on my machine with sound and everything. The only thing you cannot do is switch back to the menu. Good luck! I will be posting a how-to shortly.

note: if it appears to crash, your system is usually responding but the display is frozen, to get out of that switch to another VC type ‘killall wine’ then run another program that uses 3dfx like test3Dfx.

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