TPE (TerminusPoint Edition) patch for Terminus Available

October 3rd, 2001 by Crusader

Steven Wilcoxon sent in the following:

TerminusPoint with permissionfrom VVisions has released a patchedand upgraded version of Terminus called TPE for use of licensed ownersof Terminus. TPE is a product of TerminusPoint, not VVisions. Fixes andextensions will continue to go in. Currently versions for Windows and Linuxare available.

Currently the changes are biased heavily to bug fixes & Server side changes.Bandwidth has been reduced so that modem play doesn’t lag as much as before.

Terminus is a space combat RPG/sim with military campaign and mercenary commerceelements; you can download the demo from TerminusPointhere.

TerminusPoint Edition 0.0.3 (README) Patch:

6 Responses to “TPE (TerminusPoint Edition) patch for Terminus Available”

  1. chunky Says:

    gjb105@chunky:/usr/local/games/terminusdemo$ ./terminus
    Not enough memory. You need at least 36MB memory free to use Terminus.

    gjb105@chunky:/usr/local/games/terminusdemo$ free
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 900132 361268 538864 0 3772 292760
    -/+ buffers/cache: 64736 835396
    Swap: 1694816 0 1694816

    Gary (-;

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for keeping this great game alive and improving all the time.


  3. PJ_Hooker Says:

    I just ordered Terminus! It should be showing up today. Cool. I’ll check this patch out.

  4. Learner Says:

    You’ll probably also want to look at the CHANGES file if you want to see the list of changes. Lots of bug fixes and server side additions.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve recently started playing Terminus and I love it. The only thing is that I don’t want to get out of sync with the supported game. Would VVisions consider updating the original? Are they done updating it?

    I am tempted to install TPE separately. I only have modem access, and I’m dying to play a networked story game.


  6. Says:

    LinuxGames – Embrace your inner penguin!

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