John Carmack Update

May 30th, 1999 by Marv

I noticed on the 3dFinger that John Carmack decided to give his thoughts on Linux. He points out that Redhat 6.0/GNOME is making Linux finally on the level where it can be a commmerical desktop competitor to Windows or MacOS. My personal favorite quote is this after he found an issue with the Matrox G200 GLX drivers in Linux:

The cool part is that this driver is completely open source. I downloadedthe project code, browsed through it a bit, and changed two lines of code tofix the bug. That RULES.

You can read the whole thing here and it is worth your time to check out.

Carmack also updated his Q3 worklog with his latest changes to the source tree yesterday:

* dynamic curve level of detail
r_subdivisions determines the maximum level
of detail, r_lodCurveError determines how
quickly polygons are pulled out with distance
* devmap sets cheats 1, map sets cheats 0
* change weapon item upscale to 1.5 instead of 2
* always toss items forward, even if looking up or down
* draw ammo in grey while weapons are reloading
* change railgun shader while reloading
* fixed head models not showing proper skin
* skip all shell eject code when cg_brassTime 0
* fixed sound memory overallocation
* profiling and rearrangement
* fixed dead spectator bug

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