Direct Rendering Infrastructure LinuxExpo Demo

May 27th, 1999 by Crusader is reporting that Precision Insight held a demo of their Direct Rendering Infrastructure in the Red Hat booth at Linux Expo. The demo was of a pre-alpha DRI build utilizing “SGI’s recent open source release of GLX, a beta version of Mesa 3.1, an alpha version of XFree86 4.0, and a 2.2 verison of the Linux kernel”. Precision Insight ran Quake 2 to demonstrate the capabilities of the DRI, which “ran smoothly and appeared to keep a constant frame rate at all times… geometry processing and rasterization was done on the GMX 2000 board so the CPU was running with plenty of bandwidth left over for other tasks”. The DRI source will be submitted to each of its component projects “by the end of June” as a Sample Implementation. Thanks to Kornel for the SITREP.

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