Updated John Carmack worklog

May 27th, 1999 by

Our beloved John Carmack over at id Software has make another bunch of changes to Quake 3.

* enable scissor test properly
* archive r_lodBias
* cg_draw3dIcons 0 option
* data cheating protection
* userinfo renamed to clientinfo, added state and current server address
* don’t forward commands to a server when playing demos
* fixed NULL extension of dir command
* added one more shotgun pellet
* added CG_Shutdown for cgame cleanup
* fixed jitter in rising smoke
* increase minimum time before reusing an entity slot
* soundinfo reports current background streaming file
* changed IPX seperator to . from :, moved port processing to system independant code
* auto port scan wasn’t updating the net_port cvar
* attack button presses reset inactivity timer now
* increased the forced respawn time from 10 to 20 seconds
* show smp on gfxinfo, slight reformat

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