Carmack Worklog

May 26th, 1999 by Crusader

John Carmack updated his Q3 worklog again this morning:

* basic joystick controls
some work still needed for advanced controlers
* r_dlightBacksides 0 option
* forced cvar_restart when version changes
* fixed some flare-in-fog problems
* fixed skin color in menus
* print obituary message even when you are the killer, so all
kills get an entry in the logfile
* fixed bugs in line token parsing when quotes or commands aren’t
white space separated
* multiprocessor acceleration “r_smp 1″
* increase menu dimming
* increased rocket damage radius from 120 to 150 units
* check for running server in all server commands (dumpuser, etc)
* new cvar cheat setup — by default, only archived
variables can be changed when not cheating
* “cg_drawstatus 0″ only removes status bar
* “cg_draw2d 0″ removes all 2d

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