IceBreaker 1.2.1

July 31st, 2001 by TimeDoctor

Yet another new release of penguin capturing sim, IceBreaker (screenshot). Version 1.2.1 brings these changes:

  • fixed minor bug where highest-score line cut off letters that dip below the baseline (gjpqy…). Thanks to Jonathan DePrizio for catching this.
  • tiny little bugfixes, makefile cleanup
  • switched to much more sensible linux-kernel-style numbering scheme.(n.oddnumber.n for development releases, and n.evenumber.n for stable “production” releases — for example, 1.2.1 is a stable release, so any excitement/surprises should come from the game, not from bugs. 1.9.0 will be a devel release, and some features may not work completely, or at all.)

IceBreaker 1.2.1 source:
IceBreaker 1.2.1 source rpm:
IceBreaker 1.2.1 red hat 7.1 rpm:

2 Responses to “IceBreaker 1.2.1”

  1. Jebus Says:

    Well, that’s pretty funny if you’re too sleepy to realize what it means. Boy, I’m giddy.

  2. mattdm Says:

    Ok, the “stable” series should now settle down for a while, really. I’ll have a devel release sometime this week, but I’ll try to quit putting out a new stable release every couple of days, at least for a while. :)

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