Uplink Beta Demo

July 30th, 2001 by Crusader

Jamie Warren pointed outthat Introversion Software has releaseda Linux demo fortheir futuristic computer espionage gameUplink.Screenshots can be found here;bug reports can be submitted to thisforum.

Uplink Demo 0.95a Beta:

6 Responses to “Uplink Beta Demo”

  1. Backen Says:

    This game rocks! Can’t wait for the game to be released. The demo is only 3 megs big, download now!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It was fun, but the demo ended in under an hour, and I never even had a chance to hacka bank :)

    definate buy

  3. bakiller Says:

    thats a really cool game! cant wait for this to come out either!

  4. BAKup Says:

    This is a very cool game. I need to buy this when it comes out.

  5. NeoTron Says:

    This game looks like it might become a hit. Certain things are still buggy (like being able to take out an infinite number of loans :-) but the concept is cool. Reminds me of the old Amiga game Neuromancer, except that this is purely “hacking” and done so in a less graphical way.

  6. magnwa Says:

    Hello.. this game has been out for about a month now..


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