Q3 Mod Mania

July 27th, 2001 by Crusader
  • The Q3F team has posted seven weaponwallpapers from their Team Fortress-inspiredQ3A mod, which showcase the arsenal that willbe available in their next beta release (thanksPlanetQ3F, who alsorecentlyinterviewedthe Q3F lead mapper, BirdDawg).

  • The Urban Terror dev teamhas launched a new service in cooperation

    where Q3UT players can find servers (with stats) and players.

  • Finally, Kyle Waterson has announcedthe release of True Combat beta045 (shots). True Combat isa tactical action mod; you’ll need the full Beta 045zip andthisupdatewhich fixes a server connection issue.

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  1. sourceo Says:

    Any other Urban Terror lists? The Q3A master server seems to be down, and now the list shown above is down as well. I think I killed the Internet.

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