Tribes 2 Miscellany

July 27th, 2001 by Crusader
  • Dave “Diamondback” Meddish, formerly of Dynamix, hasreleasedthe map he created for the recent UVALAN3 tournament:Erebus

  • There’s a fairly in-depthguide toT2 is up atthe Stratos Group. Armor, vehicle, and weaponstatistics are included (thanks Stomped).
  • GarageGames’ Tim Giftupdated his .planwith a SITREP on their efforts to prepare their site for theV12 Engine’srelease; developers will be able to license the engine, first used in Tribes 2, for $100 US.
  • Sierra’s Alex “Marweas” Rodbergposted info about a T2 demo and the next patch on the TW forums:
    There’s actually a good bit more coming in the next patch. We talked about this at the TsN interview. Here’s a summary of some of the things we discussed:

    Playable demo:
    - beta version releasing very soon so we can test it online with lots of people and lots of different systems.

    Next patch:- VCR record function (like T1 demo’s)
    - serious cheat preventions
    - a number of other fixes/improvements
    - going to beta in the next week or two

  • Finally, Sierra, D-Link, andVitalStream haveannounced thatthey will be conducting Tribes 2 5v5 CTF and DM tournaments over the next few weeks… if interested,you can sign up at

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