Dusk 2.6

July 25th, 2001 by Crusader

Version 2.6 of the multiplayer RPG engine Dusk has been released by Tom Weingarten. Changes include:

[…]numerous enhancements and fixes. Linux users can now playright through their favorite browser without having to download theenormous java plug-in.

Dusk 2.6 Server Pack Download:

3 Responses to “Dusk 2.6”

  1. Starbuck Zero Says:

    It’s not bad for a little Java game. Not bad at all…

  2. Vercingitorix Says:

    I’ve spent literally 6-9 hours looking for this file, and since the wesowin domain is non-existant any more, I was hoping someone here might still have a copy or know where one can be found.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. SammyG Says:

    Go to the Yahoo! Groups page and search for ‘dusk-dg’ … should be some old Dusk files on there. I miss this game.. :(

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