MindRover 1.07a; Add-ons

July 25th, 2001 by Crusader

Version 1.07a of MindRover hasbeen released by Loki Software; changes:

  • Updated for the OpenAL 1.0 API
  • Fixed a bug in the proximity radar so it detects in full 360 degrees
  • Fixed a bug in the asset directory paths
  • Fixed resolution specification when at 24 bit depth
  • Fixed the “Continue Scenario” button
  • Corrected swapped left and right in positional audio

You can patch using Loki Update; themanually-applied patch can be downloaded from:

In addition, there are two new add-ons for MindRover fromCognitoy (Arena Race and Hydro Battles)which can be downloaded via Loki Update.

8 Responses to “MindRover 1.07a; Add-ons”

  1. may1937 Says:

    i just started playing this yesterday after having it for a while. this game is ill.. i love it

  2. chunky Says:

    Not only are the addons available from loki update, they’re also in

    Which for some of us is the preferred updateing tool. I still hate loki update.

    Sorry, but this is one point on which I think loki lost the plot.

    Gary (-;

  3. RobSeace Says:

    Actually, “Arena Race” is already included in the Linux
    MindRover, out of the box… (It’s the last scenario in the
    “Race” section…) However, “Hydro Battles” is indeed new,
    and fairly cool… But, they’ve actually been available now
    for quite some time, on Cognitoy’s page, too… Originally,
    they only had them as Windoze installer EXEs, but after I
    pointed that out on their web forum, they gladly posted the
    plain PAKs for use with the Linux version, as well…

    I just wish there were SEVERAL more add-on scenarios
    available… This game is just the greatest… But, I’ve
    finished all the scenarios now, and would really love to see
    some more… They should create a full-blown add-on pack,
    with tons of new scenarios (and maybe new components, and
    chasis, and such, too), and sell it; I’d most definitely buy
    it… I haven’t seen a game this fun to play in a very LONG
    time… (The last one was probably “The Incredible Machine”
    and its various sequels/spin-offs… I really wish someone
    would port those to Linux… ;-))

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There is also a add-on you can buy that adds support for LEGO Mindstorms. They are also working on one using the OOPic micro controller and possibly the BASIC controller. I was hoping that when Mr. Lantinga mentioned they were working on a patch for the add-ons, he was talking about that, since I already had the hydro battles working. Oh well. Great work guys. I will yet again beg in an annoying way for the Mindstorm add-on.

  5. GutShot Says:

    Too bad there’s no documented method of importing other people’s bots.

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