Tim Sweeney on Linux and Games

July 23rd, 2001 by

Epic’s Tim Sweeney recently presented his views on Linux and gaming, especially with respect to the recent Microsoft ruling, in VoodooExtreme’s aptly named, recurring interview feature, “Ask Sweeney”. Here is the question and the very beginning of Tim’s answer:

From: Ted C — From a personal and profession view point how do you see the future of Linux gaming now that it seems Microsoft will not be broken up.

Tim’s reply: Hopefully Linux gaming will take off as soon as Linux becomes a mainstream consumer operating system.

The whole Q&A is here.

4 Responses to “Tim Sweeney on Linux and Games”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hate to say it but the linux community as a whole needs to make some good moves and fast or linux will never be anything more than a server os to the world. When you use new systems like Mac OS X, windows2000, and Windodws XP, it’s obvious to see how bad linux is lacking. Unless linux users and the developers begin to understand that not everyone wants to do everything via a command prompt, linux is doomed. I hope to see vast improvements in the Gnome UI, Nautilus, Gnome Office, and Mozilla. These have got to be the major factors that will determine the future of linux. As of now, the UI is too thrown together with no well thought out organization, there are no decent office tools fully functional, etc…. Oh, and remember we don’t all care to do ./configure, make, make install for every last god damn piece of software. Most people just want to double click a icon, and start using it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It all really depends on what the “goal” of Linux is. which is a very hard
    thing to pin point, since it depends on whom you speak with. If Linux is to
    succeed as a “Desktop OS” for average computer users, it obivously has to be easy to use.
    It will need a GUI with a full set of office applications, web browser, email client,
    and some simple GUI configuration tools.If you think GNOME can live up to it, read the[br]SUN GNOME usablility test.
    I’m not saying kde is perfect, however i think it does have a better user interface then gnome does.
    [br]What I’d like to see is that same type of test performed with KDE.[br]
    If the overall goal is to [b]steal[/b] market share from Windows, then
    you have to ask your this question. Is that a good goal? Will the consumer care?
    Will the consumer benefit for this?
    For the “Will the consumer care” question, I think most people wouldn’t care.
    Of cource the main problem there is that people wont want to switch if they can’t use their data from Windows.

  3. EvilBill Says:

    Ssh! Don’t tell anyone but I use GNU/Linux as my desktop at work.
    Honestly I have VMWare to run MSOffice and support those windows folks. Once one of the free (as in licencing fees) word-processors can import/export MSWord, Microsoft will do the rest to get corporations to switch to Linux with subscription fees. Just a few news articles about how employee X saved the company $$ and the rest will follow.
    I have also heard from people at my work that they use Windows at home because it is what they use at work and (a) it is familiar, and (b) they can get some support from the IT staff. If Linux becomes THE corporate desktop, well, you do the math.

  4. Jebus Says:

    …to say that my system rocks harder than your system and that twm-gl kicks butt.

    That is all. ;^)

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